‘Underbelly Razor’ star Jack Campbell – Interview at the Jameson If Awards

Walking the green carpet at the Jameson If Awards, was the always nice australian actor Jack Campbell, who played the role of Big Jim Devine in the Aussie tv hit ‘Underbelly Razor’, who happily stopped to have a quick chat with us.

SR. Hi Jack, nice too see you again after the Underbelly Razor DVD Launch. Being here at the If Awards with so much Aussie talents around, what would you say is the future for our film Industry?

JC. Well, as far as we put bums on seats, it will be good for the our film industry. Sometimes such activity is hard, and people get the wrong opinion about it…but you know ‘Red Dog’ is doing very well and is a good example of our potential.

SR. How was to finish ‘Underbelly’ and say good-bye to the team you work with?

JC. It seems to be very quickly you know, I didn`t notice when it was over…but you know mate, was such a good experience, loved my character and work with the guys there…and it was kind of sad to say good-bye and star packing the props and getting rid of the suits, but I’m very grateful of all the experience.