The Rio Projekt Hits Sydney

Thanks to The Rio Projekt, The Spotlight Report was lucky enough to see their exciting show at The Factory Theatre.

The Rio Projekt is a fun, vibrant and exotic Brazilian Performance Company created by Sasha Jay. Sasha Jay is a world renowned choreographer, Passista and Samba Professoral. She performs annually at the Rio Carnival.

The Rio Projekt featured Rio Carnival Samba dancers, Brazilian drummers, vocalists, a live Brazilian Band and male dancers showcasing different dance styles. The show had a tremendously engaging atmosphere. The audience was buzzing in their seats as they enjoyed the liveliness and energy of the performers.

The Rio Projekt is a celebration of Brazilian dance and culture. The colourful costumes, incredible dances and celebratory environment gave the audiences an experience similar to that of being atthe Rio Carnival. Every element of the show was exciting and engaging. The Rio Projekt was performed with the same level of professionalism one would see at any respected dance company in Sydney.

The performers excitement and dedication to Brazillain dance translated to the audience and it was fantastic to witness these performers truly loving what they were doing.

The Rio Projekt provided an entertaining night that gave audiences unique insight into Brazillian dance culture.

The Rio Projekt is available to book for corporate events, weddings, functions and nightlife events.