Ronan Keating, Mark Lamprell and Richard Keddie talk about ‘Goddess’ – Interview at the Jameson If Awards

‘Goddess’ will be for sure an Australian film that will be a topic for everyone soon, which will be the film debut for Ronan Keating who plays the role of James Dickens, working alongside the always great Magda Szubanski and the georgeus and very talented Laura Michelle Kelly.

We had the chance to speak with the director of the film, Mark Lamprell, the producer Richard Keddie and with the star of the film Ronan Keating, who also spoke about his upcoming australian tour as well.

SR. Hi guys, nice to meet you. General question before jump into ‘Goddess’. As an australian production, developing a musical, and with all the talen around today, what would you say is the forecast for the Aussie film industry?

RK. (Richard Keddie).  Wow great great and complicated question…! Actually i think is looking very well, I think the base is already set up for new upcoming projects.

ML. (Mark Lamprell). As a filmaker i can see the change and the interest in our films, i think we`ll grow even more and I hope ‘Goddess’ will be a contribution to that too.

SR. Speaking about ‘Goddess’, what is the status of the production now?

ML. Well the major filming is done, we finish a couple of weeks ago and it has been a fantastic process with all the team, we are currently working in post production and there is some great material there.

SR. Ronan (Keating), How hard was for you to get involved in a musical movie? How did you prepare yourself for this?

RK. (Ronan Keating). Yeah, I`d a great time…everyone was great to me you know, they made me feel at home every minute. You know, I`d approached this movie the same way I approached to a music video, writing a song or any similar thing to my music career with an open mind and an open heart, walking in a room and trying to be myself.

SR. Any favourite film for the night?

ML. Red Dog is looking very well there

RK. Red Dog is definetly my favourite, is such a great story. I love Red Dog, personally…

SR. Just to finish, Ronan, any thing you cal tell us about your upcoming Australian tour?

RK. (Ronan Keating). Yeah, I will be on tour soon from January, and it will be a big mix of my eleven albums, going across all the hits…I`m looking forward to that too!

Roadshow Films will release GODDESS in cinemas nationally 2012