‘Red Dog’ director Kriv Stenders – Interview at the Jameson If Awards

Spotlight Report had the chance to talk with the director of the Australian hit ‘Red Dog’, Mr. Kriv Stenders, who was one of the winners of the night getting seven awards including, best director and best feature film, at the Jameson If Awards green carpet in Sydney.

SR. Hi Kriv, first of all congratulations for the success of Red Dog, one of the greatest Aussie films in years.What would you say was the hardest part while filming a movie like Red Dog?

KS. Honestly the hardest part, was the fact there was too much to shoot, there was too much beauty and we have only 3 weeks to shoot. So I`ve to work with a shortlist of things to do, so it was stressful to capture all the beauty of our country out there.

SR. That means we might have an Uncut version for the film on DVD and Blu Ray?

KS. Well, the DVD will have some deleted scenes, but I`ve been always believed that the film that you edit and present to the audience. So I’m very proud of the cut, i wouldn’t do it any longer or shorter.

SR. What was your reaction, when Red Dog broke the box office here in Oz?

KS. Ohh look…was wondeful! as a filmmaker you expect to aim great things and this is one of those moments you feel you did a great job thanks to a great team and obviously thanks to a great audience.

SR. Just to finish, as a filmaker…what would you say is the forecast for the Australian film industry in the next years?

KS.For a country like Australia, with our population, is quite amazing, because we are doing around 20 pictures a year. We have great talents and an audience who wants to see more Australian films, so I think the future will be very bright.