‘Red Dog’ actors John Batchelor, Rohan Nichol and Arthur Angel – Interview at the Jameson If Awards

After our interview with director Kriv Stenders, we had the chance to continue our ‘Red Dog’ coverage having a really good chat with cast members John Batchelor, Rohan Nichol and Arthur Angel at the Jameson If Awards in Sydney.

SR. Hi guys, as we said to the director, congratulations for the success of ‘Red Dog’ amazing job. Regarding the film, what would you see was the best part of getting involved in a project like this?

RN (Ronald Nichol). Is always great to be part in a great Australian film, and in this one especially there was so much going on and things to do that we were delighted and busy the entire time. Add to that a marvellous story and great team.

AA (Arthur Angel). I`m agree with Ronald, you work with a good script, amazing story, good friends, going out there, film and getting paid…It`s a lot of fun to tell a story!

JB (John Batchelor). Also I`ve to add the fact we had the chance to see our beautiful country, that made us notice we have not seen much of Australia, and what a best way of doing that, was telling a beautiful story among friends.

SR. What was your reaction when Red Dog’ broke the Australian box office?

RN. Actually i was expecting success but not that kind of impact.

. Was great to know people wanted to see this kind of new story, we had no idea this will happen.

RN. Also Roadshow, is a big responsible of this too, because they push a lot this film giving us a huge hand on the distribution and promotion and we thank for that. I`ve to also mention the australian audiences, because they wanted to see this film so the interest is out there, people wanna see good Australian stories, so is a huge call for all the filmmakers around, even if we don`t have the massive Hollywood budget for it.