Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns Talks ‘The Missing Peace’ Australian Tour

After many years apart, singer Phil Lewis has finally got together with former band mate Tracii Guns not only to tour with the original L.A. Guns line-up once again, but also to release 2017’s “The Missing Peace”, an album hailed for many as one of the best comebacks in years.

With Lewis and Guns set to hit our shores together for the very first time, and to find out more, thanks to our good friend John Howarth of Bullet Proof, we had the chance to chat with Phillip Lewis, who also shared with us some inside about what happened back in the day when the band came to Australia set to play at Metal Health alongside Warrant and Quiet Riot, a tour that never happened.

SR. You and Tracii were apart for quite a while. It’s coll so see you back with him and even releasing what might be one of the best comeback albums in a long time for a band.How did you guys finally got together?

PL.It was in Christmas 2014 when we saw each other in a charity gig in Vegas, Tracii had a group playing, and the promoter asked me join, because It would make it special, so I did it. Was cool, as we haven’t seen each other in like 15 years.

“…the most special thing is Tracii and I we have never played together in Australia, so this will be the very first time you will see us both on stage…”

Then I was doing shows with my other band, and a year later we bumped into each other at a gig, and we started talking, and I asked him if I’d be keen to join me in some of my acoustic shows, and he was super cool with it and agreed…it sounded really good.

So, we started talking and started playing each other musical ideas. Tracii already had a record deal lined up and invited me to do a couple of songs on the record. However, the moment we started working we clicked again, and we ended working on the whole record together.

It was great to see the chemistry was still there. So, the reunion happened, like the Guns N’ Roses did, we are doing it because it makes us happy and also makes people happy, the fans who stayed with us despite having two different versions of the band for years deserved this.

SR. The Missing Peace, is such a cool album too. What was the whole concept behind it?

PL. It was a celebration, not only pure nostalgia. It was a way to celebrate the fact we are not only back together playing, but also creating music together. We didn’t wanna be a band that came back after long time and played the same songs, we wanted to bring something new to offer our fans.

The response to the album has been great, so we are super happy, and looking forward to get down to Australia and play some new tracks for you guys.

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SR. Following up on that. What can we expect from the shows? Do you guys keep the same set-list or changes depending on the city?

PL. Well, the most special thing is Tracii and I we have never played together in Australia, so this will be the very first time you will see us both on stage as L.A. Guns there.

We also have so many amazing songs to choose, from all the records, obviously “Sex action” will be there, but we are planning to include at least 5 tracks from the new record.

The set changes every night for us, we have like 3 different sets, but it mostly depends of the length of the shows. We are always trying to make every show as unique as possible, so we’ll see.

SR. What’s your personal favorite song off of The Missing Peace?

PL. Hard to pick one.I like “Speed” because it was the first one Tracii played me before we even started working officially together. Also truly enjoy “The Flood’s the Fault of the Rain”, because it vocally challenges me a lot because of its timing.

SR. You had a very crappy time in your last trip to Australia, as your were set to play at the failed Metal Health tour in 2011, with Warrant and Quiet Riot cancelling. There were so many rumours about what happened, but I wonder if you can give me an inside of the whole situation?

PL. It was so bad. Basically this promoter paid for our plane tickets, he brought us over and did not have more money. We got to Australia, and we had to wait at the airport for hours not knowing what on Earth was going on.

Then we found out there were no venues booked, no crew or equipment hired. We were furious. Then he got a bus, and we traveled to Brisbane I think. However in the middle of the trip the promoter got into this big argue with another guy and things got physical, they started throwing bottles to each other. It was a huge fight, so the driver had to stop and the police had to come and arrested the promoter…It wasn’t funny, It never happened to us before.

SR. Just to finish. What message would you like to send to your Australian fans ahead of the shows.

PL. Just thanks to all of you for staying with us all these years, despite having two different versions of the band. This tour is for you, the fans. Tracii and I we are really looking forward and excited to be back there and play for you! See you soon!

L.A. Guns 2018 Australia and New Zealand Tour Dates

May 17th BRISBANE, Wooly Mammoth

May 18th MELBOURNE, Max Watts

May 19th SYDNEY, Max Watts

May 23rd PERTH, Rosemount Hotel

May 25th WELLINGTON, Valhalla Tavern

May 26TH AUCKLAND, Galatos Live

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