Oz Comic-Con Slays Sydney with its Geeky Goodness!

During the weekend of September 26-27, Glebe Island felt like a mashup of Japan’s Akihabara and San Diego, as Oz Comic-Con returned to Sydney for another successful event.

The convention welcomed fans of all ages, along with international stars including MacGyver himself, Richard Dean Anderson, StarGate’s Rachel Luttrell, Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch, Viking’s Clive Standen, The Hobbit’s Stephen Hunter and Jed Brophy, Scrub’s Sam Lloyd and Rob Maschio, and international cosplay from Yaya Han.

Despite the great line-up of special guests, once again the real stars were the abundant cosplayers, all of whom showed so much dedication to this art, and who were always willing to stop, pose for photos and have a chat with everyone. Moreover, one particular cosplayer was dressed as Selma from The Simpsons, carrying her pet-lizard Jub-Jub around and proudly telling us that she’d dressed like that to get the ultimate picture with MacGyver…I mean, seriously, what pure genius!

Overall, it was another solid event. We have nothing but praise for the people behind the scenes, whose perfect organization wowed us. They thought of everything, including plenty of space (and chairs) for cosplayers to rest up, cloak their bags and have lunch. The fantastic planning, along with the brilliant guests and events, combined to ensure that this was another rip-roaring success, and an essential event for Sydneysiders (and visitors from elsewhere!) to mark on their calendars. All in all, it was an absolute classic.

Here enjoy some postcards of the day below: