Oz Comic-Con Returns to Sydney Full of Pop-Culture Magic!

Lights, Camera…Cosplay!

Oz Comic-Con returned to Sydney’s Exhibition Centre on Glebe Island on September 10-11 for another year full of Geekiness, bringing cosplayers, international stars, gamers, pop-culture fans, authors and entire families together.

The all-star line-up for 2016 included Hollywood star Karl Urban, Horror icon Robert Englund, Game of Thrones’ Daniel Portman, Teen Wolf’s twins Charlie and Max Carver, Smallville’s Aaron Ashmore and Walter Skinner himself, Mitch Pileggi from The X-Files, among others.

As usual, the main stars of the weekend were the thousands of cosplayers around, showcasing impressive costumes, and a lot of hilarious gender-bender mashups, all of them happily posing for photos…Good on ya’ guys!

Overall, an despite the overpriced parking fee ($35), Sydney Oz Comic-con 2016 will be remembered as another fun and perfectly organised event, with free shuttle buses to and from the venue, resting areas, and even a cosplay clinic to fix damaged costumes and props!

Enjoy some postcards from the weekend below:

Brisbane, you are next!

For more information visit: www.ozcomiccon.com/2016