On the Spot:14th Japanese Film Festival Opening night

The 14th Japanese Film Festival 2010 kicks over Sydney from November 22nd for one week only!

A special reception for the opening night was held for special guest and media in Regent Place. The combination of  delicious sushi rolls, drinks and beautiful girls wearing Kimonos pleased everyone on the audience mostly Japanese and some Australians struggling to speak some Japanese words.

After some refreshments and food, three illustrious leaders from the Japanese film industry came to the stage to welcome the audience. We are talking of  Tadao Sato, Film Critic and President of the Japan Academy of Moving Images and  Directors Tsutomu Abe and Shigeki Chiba.

After the reception, the night was followed by the special screening of  the sold-out film “About her Brother” starring Tsurube Shofukutei, Japan’s top comedian. “About Her Brother” opened the 14th Japanese Film Festival in an Australian first and it shows an emotionally moving film on sibling bonds.

Specials events are going to be held on Tuesday Nov 23 at Event Cinemas George street with a double screening of  Wish you were here and Kyoto Story followed by a Q&A panel with the leaders of Japanese film industry mentioned above. Moreover, on Saturday 27th it will be an anime double screening marathon, Anime Matsuri in an event co-organized with SMASH! and a Q&A with one of Japan’s most promising animators, Naoyoshi Shiotani.

A don’t miss invitation!

Check some pictures of the opening day below:

For more information go to: www.japanesefilmfestival.net