On the Spot – Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon attend the Australian Premiere of ‘Water for Elephants’ in Sydney

Today was the day…the wait was over! We were there “On the spot” for the Australian premiere of Francis Lawrence’s “Water for Elephants”…check it out.

Sydney’s Pitt street pedestrian area was not the same because The Australian Premiere of “Water for Elephants” was held today Friday 6th May, 2011 along with special guest Hollywood superstars Robert Pattinson, Academy Award Reese Witherspoon and director Francis Lawrence, transforming the entire place in a total Carnival…The circus was in town as Christoph Waltz quotes on the film everyone there today was welcomed “To the mos spectacular show on Earth”.

The venue was one of the biggest red carpets seen in years, something big enough to be comparable with the Premiere of Baz Luhrman’s Australia. The massive 300 meters red carpet went from the sidewalk of Pitt St mall until the State Theatre in Market street.

Tons of fans were waiting for hours to meet their favorites celebrities, some of them arriving the day before camping there just to have the best spot. Most of them were specially waiting for the Twilight star Robert Pattinson. Obviously, the screaming of at least 2,000 people, teenagers mostly, could be heard from the distance as soon as R-Patz arrived around 6.30 pm.

R-Patz patiently stopped for every single person, signing everything and posing for photos with many die-hard fans, event taking the pictures himself to help the nervous and loyal fans who were very excited and shocked to see him for the first time ever Down Under. On the contrary, co-star Reese Witherspoon didn’t pose for photos with fans but she happily signed for everyone.

Walking through the red carpet were local celebrities: actress Teresa Palmer, Home and Away’s actors Lincoln Lewis & Luke Mitchell, Biggest loser’s Michelle Bridges, Australian idol winner Wes Carr, models Sophie Faulkiner & Erika Heynatz and Sophie Lowe between others.

Director Francis Lawrence (I am legend, Constantine)  had a quick chat with Spotlight Report about the film. We ask him about Water for elephant’s gorgeous photography and he replied saying:

“The circus was a beautiful thing to shoot, in the set we created a great world with beautiful costumes and an unbelievable tent. I had to pick a great light and other than that, it was the easy part. We have great cinematographers and they did a beautiful job“.

Lawrence, also denied the rumours about a sequel or a prequel of  “I am legend” starred by Will Smith.

Here enjoy some images from the Red carpet “On the Spot”:







Water for Elephants releases on cinemas this May 12th.

Photos by Spotlight Report and Metalworld