“On the Spot” – Jackass’ star Steve-O invites his Aussie fans for dinner in Sydney!

Funny man and Jackass’ star Steve-O arrived this week to Australia to promote his ‘Entirely Too Much Info’ Tour with shows in Nz and Australia.

During a radio interview with Kyle & Jackie O,  Steve-O said he wanted to meet all his Australian fans and he will be posting online on his Twitter and Facebook where and when he will be meeting all of them.

Not much time later a a tweet was posted:  “The place I have chose for dinner in Sydney tonight is: Mother Chu’s Vegetarian Kitchen 367 Pitt St Sydney, NSW 2000 See you at 5pm! -O”

We went down there around 5 pm, thinking that it might be a joke, but as soon as we were walking to the place, we saw some flashes near us and we started to run…Yes it was true Steve-O was there outside the restaurant among 9 fans doing photos and autographs for all of them. He was extremely nice with all and after the photos were taken and the autographs were done, everyone thought that it was over, but it wasn’t cos Steve-O came inside the restaurant and after few seconds talking with the owners he opened the door and say to everyone: “Ok guys, come inside, dinner it’s on me” making everyone around happy for this very unreal situation.

All of us were sit in a big table and having great time there, after a while more fans started to arrive, and by the end of the venue we were 22. Steve-O, told us that he was vegetarian and that’s why he choose that restaurant, he also showed his tattoos with special focus in the one made by Henry Rollins for the first Jackass movie. Moreover, it was a total die hard fan of him there, who had a tattoo with Steve-O‘s face in her arm.

During the dinner, “– O” walked around the place greeting every single person there, doing photos, sitting in other tables to having a chat with more people, showing the kind of nice guy he is, a star who understand that his fans are the most important thing, a true lesson and an attitude that many celebrities should follow when they travel to our country, because at the end of the day a photo or an autograph won’t take more than 1 or 2 min…Just look at Steve-O, he not only spent hours with his fans, he also took them to have dinner with him!


If this grab your attention stay tuned with Steve-O’s Facebook and Twitter because he will continue posting where and when he will be waiting to meet his fans…In fact yesterday, he did the same in New Zealand, and he promised he will be doing photos and greeting his fans in all his venues…THAT’S THE SPIRIT!

Check some photos of the venue below:


Steve O’s ‘Entirely Too Much Info’ tour dates are:

May 13, 2011
Town Hall
Auckland, New Zealand
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May 16, 2011
Palais Theatre
Melbourne, Australia
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May 17, 2011
Thebarton Theatre
Adelaide, Australia
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May 19, 2011
Concert Hall
Perth, Australia
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May 21, 2011
Enmore Theatre
Sydney, Australia
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May 24, 2011
Tivoli Theatre
Brisbane, Australia
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A must go showand don’t forget to check out Steve-O’s official website here

And as a bonus, check this epic video of the man himself, Steve O saying “Hi” to us :)


Top image ©2011 Steve-O