On the Spot: Kodak Inside Film Awards 2010 Red Carpet

The 2010 Kodak Inside Film Awards are like the Australian people’s choice awards. It celebrate the achievements of the Australian film industry over the year, recognising talent in films, short films, animations, music videos and documentaries, as well as for the first time in 2010 in the TV industry as well.

The Kodak Inside Film Awards Red carpet was held on November 14 at Sydney City Recital Hall, Angel Place.

Walking the red carpet: Ryan Kwanten and Director Patrick Hughes, The cast from “Tomorrow when the war began” producers Michael Boughen and Andrew Mason and actors Chris Pang, Lincoln Lewis, Denis Akdeniz and the beautiful Catitlin Stasey. Also, Underbelly’s Sigrid Thornton, Firass Dirani and Vince Colosimo. Moreover, other celebrities join the carpet  such as Jodi Gordon,  David Wenham, Jackie Weaver, Lyndsey Rodrigues,  Ben Mendelsohn, Sullivan Stapleton and Dieter Brummer between others.

Spotlight Report had the honour to chat with the legendary Jack Thompson about the growing movie industry in Australia, he proudly said “I’m very excited by the movie industry  in Australia, because it’s alive and as well as we kept it alive it’s wonderful!”

Walking through the red carpet David Wenham, known actor that have worked in big blockbuster films, such as Legend of the guardians: the owls of Ga’ Hoole, 300, Australia and Lord of the rings, told to Spotlight Report that “Work in full CGI movies it’s fun, you have to give you imagination to work against a blue or green screen and just imagine what’s there, but it’s fun!” He added  “sometimes you did get to work with the actors, something like 300 I got to work with the actors all the time, but it’s only when you are imagining creatures that the actors are there, but working with the actors is the best thing!”

Firass Dirani also commented to Spotlight Report about his new film “The Killer Elite”, he said:
a couple of months ago I worked in a movie called “The killer elite” with Robert De Niro, Jason Statham and Clive Owen, it’s a big budget action film and it will come out sometime next year“.

In addition, we asked him how he prepared himself for a film full of action like that:
How? it’s extremely difficult! because you are working with the best of the best. You Know this guy,  (De Niro) he did Travis Bickle, Jake La Motta from Raging bull  and taxi Driver, so you are much meeting your “maker”, he laughs. So it was quite nerve-wrecking in the beginning but then I  just keep it doing it. He is a gentleman, an extraordinary actor, he makes me  feel very comfortable, you know, we had a conversation, it was brilliant!

Jackie Weaver, also spoke to us about her film, Animal Kingdom and her impressions about working on it with the director David Michôd:
I  think it’ s really an excellent film, I got nothing more enormous admiration for David Michôd who wrote and directed the film. He sent me the script years ago, I didn’t know him, but I thought it was such a knockout script. He made a really fun film”. About Academy Award expectations she replied, “Well there is a lot of talking in America because Sonny Classics bought it, and they are such a big art-house distributor, so it has really been pushing it, so who knows what will happen