Live Review: Fatboy Slim @ The Halls, Sydney 2020

Review by Hannah Lewis Dalby

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat. That’s how we spent our Friday evening out at the Halls in Olympic Park.

2ManyDJs played an hour of classic house tunes to limber up to. The crowd adjusting their eyes to the darkened dance hall on the 35degree night, staying hydrated on pre-mix blue bubblegum cocktails and beers.

The crowd where there to dance. Well practiced moves perhaps not seen since the 90’s, saw the light of day again. Adidas gazelles busting fancy foot work as 2ManyDJs finished up to Prodigy’s 92 dance-hall classic Out of Space.

After a short break we welcomed Norman Cook to the stage and he hasn’t changed. The Fatboy Slim charm is still in abundance and he dances and entertains all the way through. He clearly still loves to tour and it shows.

Even when the mixing deck goes down for 5 mins, he jumps into the crowd, has a chat and when the tech team has ctrl-alt-del the problem away, he’s back like he hasn’t missed a beat. Or a laser. Or a trippy visual.

Topical and on the mark we saw visual tributes to the RFS all the emergency services helping with the bushfire emergency and recovery, we saw EU symbols on the eve of Brexit and of course we saw Greta and hear her now iconic climate change activism speech delivered to the UN. Why miss an opportunity to remix those immortal words ‘right here, right now’ the same words repeated over and over in the 1999 Fatboy Slim house classic – the crowd had heard how this had gone off at the previous gigs and were ready for it!

We heard all the greats in full and some remixes from Big Beat Boutique days including Apache. He didn’t leave us disappointed. This mainly 40 something year old crowd came out to have a good time and reminisce of times before mortgages and kids and he delivered that.

Never stop touring Sir – we look forward to raving with you again soon.