Live Photos: Falls Festival @ Marion Bay 2019

When you think you’ve factored in enough time to arrive at Falls to see the band you’ve been itching to see live for years, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, then think again! With 11,000 patrons estimated to attend the festival, the queue driving in was understandably long, but not terrible. Given my obvious poor judgment, I did however get to hear Psychedelic Porn Crumpets epic guitar riffs resound throughout the campgrounds whilst setting up tent. It was both highly satisfying to hear, and highly disappointing to have not seen. I can guarantee you that I will forever be extremely jealous of all those lucky punters who got to see them, as they sounded incredible.

Vera Blue followed with an insanely beautiful and vibrant outfit to knock your socks off, and with a voice alongside it to match. As always, she was captivating to watch and listen to.  Each note and every movement felt like perfection that seems to come so naturally to her. She’s one to idolize and be mesmerized by.

Good old John Farham hit the stage thereafter and had the crowd pumping across all ages. With wide smiles, joyous singing, and goofy dancing, the crowd loved every minute of Farnsy. Modestly thinking the crowd were only hanging out to listen to ‘The Voice’, he was dead wrong. Surprisingly there were classic I didn’t realize were his that I remember hearing growing up, like ‘That’ Freedom’, ‘Age of Reason’ and ‘Burn for You’. He even pulled out a song from 1967 called ‘Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)’, that apparently does not get performed much due to him despising the song. I felt that within this set I learnt a lot about this Aussie rock legend, beyond his belting out of distinctive tunes.

Lewis Capaldi hit the stage next. I have to admit I hadn’t heard of him before, but I was certainly surprised to see this chap have loads of emotionally devoted fans. I could see why though, as he’s charismatic, delicately soft and warm tunes spurred on emotions deep within inside you without your control. He’s charm extended beyond his voice, to his on stage presence and was certainly a joy to quietly watch.

Playboi Carti I just simply didn’t get.

Pnau though brought the butts shaking. With luscious moves and buoyant vocals, Kira Divine on vocals aided the party vibes, whilst accompanying vocals from Ollie Gabriel brought the cool.  All in all, the show was spectacular, with lasers bouncing high and low, lights flashing ferociously, tunes pumping, and adrenaline exuding from all band members, this certainly hyped up the crowd and brought in the climatic high for the first day at Falls.

Crooked Colours continued the dance tunes, with a more welcoming ease to cool you down and chillax your limbs, whilst you swayed to their mellow, jungle-esque vibes.

Day two started with a refreshing dip in the ocean that well and truly rejuvenated the muscles, accompanied with soothing views to take in, as gorgeous as a Monet painting, drying off in the sun never felt more perfect. Even the walk to the beach was tranquil as the landscape was just gushing with beauty.  It was hard to break away from this relaxing beach trip, but as we journeyed back, the distant tunes of A Swayze & The Ghosts began to emerge as a beacon of sound as we drew closer to the festival. Catching the end of the act, they felt like the Holy Grail of music we were searching for after the long walk back.

Amyl and the Sniffers followed in what felt like the hottest part of the day, with the sun scorching every inch of exposed skin, in the end, it didn’t matter, when you had Punks finest on stage. Amyl is Blondie in the making, born for the stage, and causing a ruckus, circle pits continually formed with exuberant energy, which can only really be described as washing machines at full spin.

Montaigne brought in some wholesomeness, with her quirky performance and absolute thoughtfulness, she embodied both character and warmth. Mentioning how grateful she was to perform at the festival, and once being a volunteer at Falls, she gave the crowd the perfect fairytale story. She even added a personalized touch to the performance by handing out a handful of origami pieces she made for the crowd, each having different illustrations she drew onto each origami piece. All in all, you can easily tell Montaigne is such a sweet, vibrant cupcake of a human being.

The adorableness continued as Yungblud stole the show, as well as our hearts. Dominic Richard Harrison, the lead singer, was humbled by the crowd, as were we with him. A grand performer in his own right, he steamed up the crowd, melting our hearts, and filling the air with nothing but absolute love. His energy, charisma, and showmanship definitely made this, the standout performance from the whole entire festival.

Dope Lemon, Banks and Vampire Weekend that followed gave solid performances, and Peking Duk no doubt brought the fun, but the other stages had my attention. With Bad // Dreems and Parcels being my personal favourites, both bands, obviously different in sound, were enthralling to watch and their music is just top-notch songwriting. Both could have easily taken to the main stage.

Another highlight, came from a local Tassie act, The Sleepy-Heads. Drawing a crowd, and punching out the tunes, they were a delightful discovery to keep an eye on.

All in all, despite the heat wave, the day was filled with stellar performances, crazy outfits, and a cheerful vibe, topped with some much needed rain in the evening to cool us down.

Day three and it’s new years eve. The air is fresh and we’re ready to bring in the new year. To kick off the day, we saw Bugs, a bubbly duo that sent the young ladies in the crowd wild. This fun, chirpy band was a great act to ease you into the day. After which came Waax, who’s lead singer, Marie DeVita, tore up the stage with her vivacity and endearing engagement with the crowd. At one point the sound failed for a significant amount of time, yet that didn’t deter Maria, she kept the crowd enthralled and singing along to classic tunes from Queen and others alike. It was disappointing that they could not perform their entire set, however, the band kept us entertained. If you ever have the chance, Waax are definitely one to catch live and be enamored with.

Luca Brasi came on next and rocked the stage, whilst G Flip followed, skipping into the scene with a glowing grin. Amazing the crowd with her ability to sing and play drums, throughout the set, she went back and forth from her kit, to the keys, to prancing around the stage. But she was at her best on the drum kit, playing with incredible force while vocally hitting every note. Georgia is nothing short of an incredible musician, and a bloody top-notch drummer.

The Japanese House though, were the new discovery of the day. Coming from the UK, this synth, indie pop band were dreamy to listen too. With the sun casting wonderful light onto the band, magic hour was fast approaching, and they were the perfect band to soak in the beautiful surrounds to.

Yet the show to catch went to Slaughterhaus Surf Cult, a Hobart based punk outfit that had the crowd in a head banging frenzy, almost tearing down the barricades. This youthful, fresh and energetic three-piece band, with an eccentrically dressed lead singer, were sure to have left a lasting impression on the crowd.

Of Monsters and Men were another impressive band to see live, with hits galore and the gob smacking synchronization of a seven-piece band, this set was a spectacular one to watch live. They emanated class and were the slickest act in the lineup. Milky Chance continued the hits, being less than half the size of the previous act, they made as much noise in the smoky haze that surrounded them. But Baker Boy was the act that should have slotted somewhere onto the main stage. Danzal’s killer dance moves that make you want to take up dance classes are meant to be showcased on a far bigger stage. He has the moves, the tunes and the showmanship to branch his wings and show us the awesome potential he has up his sleeve.

Drawing closer to midnight, Disclosure brought the good times. Dancing into the new year, Falls in Marion Bay never felt so right. As soon as the confetti burst onto the scene, it was a bittersweet feeling of knowing our time at Marion Bay was almost up. Wolfmother of course kept the dream alive, even if it was only for a little bit longer. It was great to have the band back on stage, and always surprising to see such a boisterous band be made up of only two people. The noise the pair created no doubt echoed miles out into the bushland. Nothing like starting the new year with classic bangers to sing and dance along too till your lungs and knees become weak.

Here enjoy some pictures of the festival below: