Interview: Timo Banner of Our Mirage

By Jonathan Matthews

We caught up with Timo Banner, vocalist of German melodic hardcore band Our Mirage. We had a chat about their new album Lifeline, their new music videos, and the possibility of seeing them soon in the land Down Under.

SR. Your debut album ‘Lifeline’ is coming out soon, can you tell me a bit about that?

The album was a little bit hard to do, because after we released ‘Nightfall’ we had to work really hard on our songwriting to make sure it was all at the same level. We are really happy with how it’s turned out though and we can’t wait to release it, it’s going to be awesome!

SR. Your track ‘Nightfall’ was received really well, can you tell me about that?

We had a huge start with that track, because we reached over two million views within the first year. We had to match that level with the rest of the album, we didn’t want to only have one good song and the rest turn out bad.

SR. Do you have any plans to come over to Australia?

That would be sick, but we actually don’t have any plans to do that just yet. We really hope that it’ll happen soon.

SR. Where has been your favourite country to tour so far?

Well, we haven’t been to that many countries yet, we only started the band a year ago. We’ve played in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, and so far, the German crowd has been the best. We would love to play in the UK, the USA, and Australia, of course.

SR. I think the Australian music scene will eat you guys up!

Yeah, we have some fans from Australia already, I know because we receive messages from all over the world, and many from Australia.

SR. Do you have a favourite track from the new album?

I have two favourites. My first is ‘The Unknown’, because I love the way it’s build up, and it’s really fun to play. The other one is ‘Believe’, because it’s a very personal song to me, I wrote that song. It was for a friend who was about to die, with no chance of getting better. I had to admit and accept that somehow. My friend has passed away now, so that song means a lot to me. I knew he was going to pass away, and he did in November last year, but it was a very hard time for me.

SR. I’m sorry to hear that, may he rest in peace. What is your favourite song to play live?

It’s definitely ‘Believe’, because of the emotions connected to it. A lot of our music is emotional, but that one is very intense for me, and I can really carry that emotion in my voice when we play it live.

SR. You’ve got some music videos out for your tracks ‘Lost’, ‘My Distress’, ‘The Unknown’, and ‘Reviver’, have you got any more in the works that we can look forward to?

There is one video still coming after the release of our album. Our music video producer also shot a movie around the same time, he asked us to write the title song for that movie, and that track is called ‘Lifeline’, which is also the title track of our album.

SR. Which one of those music videos is your favourite, and why?

I think the last two music video’s we put out for ‘The Unknown’ and ‘Lost’ are my favourites. What I really like about the video for ‘Lost’ is the colours and effects. For ‘The Unknown’, I really liked the shooting day, we were just walking through an old part of Germany and asked random people to join the video. It was a really fun day.

SR. How did the band meet and come together?

It was a bit unconventional. I was in another band before, and the members were from three different countries, one from Dubai, one from Sweden, and I’m from Germany. I didn’t really feel like it would work out, we had no band practices or concerts or anything, just a big online presence on YouTube and social media. I quit the band because of that, then I tried to work on my solo project, and I started writing ‘Nightfall’. I showed it to some friends and they really liked it, they thought it could be huge, but I needed a band. I didn’t want to be alone, or the centre of attention. I’m the vocalist of the band, but I don’t like always being in the spotlight. I asked my best friend to join on Bass, and my other best friend to play Drums, and then we found a guitarist. Then we released ‘Nightfall’, and it all became huge.

SR. What is the most rewarding part of releasing an album? Is it the writing, recording, the release, or the touring?

I think performing it live is the best part.

SR. If you could collaborate with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

Funny that you should ask, we actually talked about this the other day with our record label. We would really like to have Tyler Smith (Telle) from The Word Alive on one of our songs, or Caleb Shomo from Beartooth, or Ahren Stringer from The Amity Affliction.

Keep up the date with Our Mirage on social media or via their official website. Stay tuned for their new album Lifeline, coming out on August 24th. Check them out and give them some love,