Interview: Steel Panther’s Frontman Michael Starr

Steel Panther have infected the world with their unique live shows, hilarious lyrics and outrageous video clips, making them the real deal, with a music quality that makes them one of the best bands in the world.

Since the 2009 release of their instant classic album Feel The Steel followed by the truly epic Balls Out, that opened the doors for the Steel Panther gang to come to Australia to play at Soundwave in 2012, becoming a hit that allowed the band to come back two times since then for their own headline tours with sold out shows across the country.

Now, the highly anticipated new album “All You Can Eat” (That we rated 5/5 in our review) hit stores becoming another instant classic, with fanthers world-wide digging every single track, with three of them accompanied by hilarious video clips that are not for the easy impressed people.

In order to find out more about the album, and thanks to our friends at DeathProof, we got the chance to speak with the sexiest and most bitching singer in rock history, Mr. Michael Starr, who not only shared with us some bits about the album, but also some truly epic Steel Panther stories that for sure are a must read!…So, hold on to your undies, because Michael Starr has a lot to say!

WARNING! This interview is not for the faint-hearted

SR. “All You Can Eat” became another Steel Panther instant classic. It seems like you guys can’t do wrong! What’s your secret?

MS. Probably just hanging out with each other a lot. We’ve spent so much time together that we can finish each other sentences, each other sandwiches…we know each other very well and we party together a lot and you know all those songs on the record are personal experiences that happened to us.

SR. How much your life changed after the explosive success of “Feel The Steel” and “Balls Out”?

MS. Well, I can tell you this: I finally moved out of my mum’s house, which is nice.

My mum is cool but fucked up, if I bring a chick after playing at The Rainbow, she wants to hang out like she had 20 again and I’m like mum please fuck off!

SR. When everyone thought you guys could not overdo yourselves with funnier songs, you guys hit everyone back with “Gloryhole” and “She is on the rag” just to name a couple. You mentioned that every song is based on personal experiences.

MS. Definitely man, especially “She is on the rag” is a kind of old experience of everyone in the band. The first time that happened to me was when I was 14 with some chick, and I did not know what the problem was and I told my friends and they were like: “duude! She is on the rag!!, that’s what is going on!.”

“Gloryhole” actually happened during our Balls Out tour while we were in France. That was the first time we were exposed to that and it was so fucked up that I could not stop thinking about that. So I called Satchel and told him: “Dude we have to write a song about the Gloryhole” and he was like “I’m on it!” and he got it done in like 2 days.

[embedvideo id=”diYS8jyOcFc” website=”youtube”]

SR. So that means all of you tried the Gloryhole?

MS. Yeah everybody except Lexxi he was a bit uncomfortable about not knowing who was behind it.

SR. On the clip for “Party like tomorrow is the end of the world”, you guys got a bunch of celebrities involved like Steve-O, RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad, MMA fighter Chuck Liddell and perhaps the biggest one (literally) porn star Ron Jeremy. How did you guys convince such a random group of people to be part of the clip?

steel-panther-video-ron-jeremyMS. Ron has been a fan and a friend of the band for a long time. The last time we saw him was at our show, probably 3 months before shooting our video and the next day he was at the hospital as he got very sick and was there for about 3 to 4 weeks, so we called him in case he wanna be on the video and he was totally in, and full on his feet like nothing happened. Actually, that scene we shot where we were doing blow from the hot chick’s tits, that was the next day at that house!

SR. We are sure Ron Jeremy gave you guys some life advice?

MS. Yeah! He said to always pull out and shoot your load on the chick’s face, never near the vagina, otherwise you will have babies.

SR. You guys should do a song about Ron Jeremy! Or maybe ask him to join the band to play “the flute.”

MS. (Laughs) That’s a good one! But we think Ron, would be perfect as the official coordinator for our sex parties after the shows. You know, make all happening, coordinate, pick up the girls…He is a natural and we see that every time he comes to our shows. Seriously the guy is like 55 years old and he is doing like 18 or 25 years old hot chicks that want to get into porn, hotties that really want to fuck him, because he is so big in the porn industry here in America.

That would be great, just imagine if we can get him to be the host for our sex parties after every show!

SR. Steel Panther loves hot chicks, yet in ‘If I was the king’ you sing Katy Perry‘d be dead if you were the king. Katy Perry is hot though, so why not sing that about Miley Cyrus instead?

MS. I have to tell you man: Katy Perry is fucking hot…until she opens out her mouth. Actually, that was one of our influences for the song “You are beautiful when you don’t talk”, with Katy Perry should be “You are beautiful when you don’t sing.”

With Miley Cyrus…I don’t know dude, I still wanna fuck her so I would not write a song about her yet. We will see for the next record. Actually, Billy Ray Cyrus came to our show last week and jam with us on stage, so I feel bad about talking shit about his daughter, because he is already living on her shadow and he is such a fucking cool dude man!…That guy can smoke some weed dude! (Laughs).

SR. During your “Balls Out” tour here in Australia, while playing at Sydney’s Luna Park, you guys improvised a song called “Your Pussy Smells Like a Moshpit” and everyone loved it. However, that song did not make the new record.

MS. All those songs that we improvise on stage off the script are still around, we record all our shows and we leave them ready to be worked on for our next records.

“Usually, all our songs are about personal experiences we had…”

Usually, all our songs are about personal experiences we had, so that girl we got on stage, her pussy did smell like a moshpit (laughs) and all the lyrics are still to be made.

SR. In “Gangbang at the old folks home you sing about traumatic events that happened while you were a pizza delivery guy. Did it feel relieving to finally sing about what happened to you back then?

MS. It’s really fun to sing a song based on a personal experience, and this one was a personal of mine and was not that long ago, I only quit my day job like 3 years ago.

Satchel’s mom knew that I deliver Pizza, so he invited me over to deliver a pizza and Satchel’s mom is fucking hot, she is like 70 years old and she is still hot, so I fucked her, then she invited a friend so we had a gangbang.

“…I only quit my day job like 3 years ago.”

One thing about “Old Folks Home” is that usually Men pass away before women, so in the “Old Folks Home” there are way more chicks than guys…It kind of feel like being backstage at a Rolling Stones concert.

SR. Lyrically speaking, you are influenced by bands like Mötley Crüe, Whitesnake & Def Leppard, but your own songs are better than anything they have written in 25 years. Have you guys been approached by other bands to write their next album?

MS. Not yet, but I’m sure it’s gonna happen down the road, but the bottom line is this dude: They just have to start partying again, and fucking chicks and then that kind of stuff will come up naturally, because if you think about all the shit they were singing back in the day like “Ten Seconds to Love”, that’s about fucking a chick and blowing your load on the face, that’s fucking cool!, but when you stop doing that shit, you start writing boring stuff about falling in love and having kids and shit…You don’t wanna hear about that, you wanna hear about getting high, party and having a good time.

SR. We have some fan questions now for you: If you could dedicate 1 Steel Panther song from “All You Can Eat” to the girl of your dreams. Which one would u choose and why?

MS. I’d probably say “Ten Strikes You’re Out”, because even if a girl is the girl of my dreams that I wanna be with, if she fucked up 10 times she is fucking done!

Normally it’s 3 strikes, but we are giving chicks 10…That’s a lot of strikes!

SR. Can you describe a typical day at work for Steel Panther?

MS. We usually wake up around 3, we had some coffee, then we go to do some soundcheck around 4:30, then after soundcheck we had a bit of breakfast and then we get dress and do our meet and greets, then we start drinking to get warm up for the show, and then we do the show and after the show we have a party that last until the bus leaves to the city, which is around 3am, and then we stay up on the bust until around 9am and then we go to sleep and then all starts all over again.

It’s the same routine every fucking day, and it’s easier that way, because if we get to do different stuff every day all gets so confusing, so we rather to do the same over and over again.

SR. When we had the chance to speak with Stix ahead of your Balls Out Australian tour after Soundwave, he wanted us to fix him to with Nicole Kidman, something that sadly we could not arrange. What famous Aussie hottie would you like to “meet” on your next visit Down Under?

MS. Let me think, because I cannot think on any hot Australian chick that I wanna fuck, that I haven’t fucked. You know what dude, just for the credibility point, I would love to do Nicole Kidman, just to say I did and also to rub that on Stix’s face.

SR. If you could choose a place to play live that you haven’t played before, what place would you choose and why?

MS. We’ve done some great places already, but we haven’t been the headlining band in a huge festival yet, so if you ask me we would love to headline Soundwave!, that would be fucking bitching.!

…we would love to headline Soundwave!

Dude, think about this: we came over and did Soundwave for the first time and we were very early in the day, and then we came back and we did our own headline shows for Balls Out, and then we came back again in 2013 before Christmas and we did amphitheaters and shit like that and now it would be so cool to call all our friends at Soundwave and headline the whole festival! That would be the dream!

SR. Just to start wrapping up, we always ask these set of questions to our guests: The first one is what is the craziest fan request you have ever had?

MS. I think it was in Cambridge, UK and I meet this girl who was very young and super hot, but she was a virgin. So we were backstage hanging out and talking, and it just seemed that nothing will happen because suddenly she was like “Oh shit my mom just texted me, so I have to go…!” but she asked me if I would walk her to her car, and I was like “yes sure”, so I walked her to her mom’s car and I meet her mom, and her mom was like my age and she was smoking hot and then suddenly her daughter comes to me and says: “Would you please fuck my mom, because she just had a fight with my dad, and she is really upset and really needs to get laid, and I wanna watch and film it”, so I was like well that was kind a weird, but I totally did it and I was picking up great!

SR. What would you say is the top one Steel Panther story while on the road?

MS. We did a show in Saint Petersburg, Russia on our last tour a couple of weeks ago. We finished our show there which was our first time playing there, and then we went to the train station and jumped on the train to go from Saint Petersburg to Moscow, which is like a 12 hour train ride, so we wanted to get some food and drinks, so we went to the drink carriage in the middle of the train with all the Steel Panther crew guys, just to find out that a lot of the girls who were at the show in Saint Petersburg, took the train to Moscow to see us play live there as well.

“…we had a fucking Russian Sex Party on the train all the way to Moscow…”

Just imagine that, on a train, with hot chicks travelling to see us from one city to another, so we had a fucking Russian Sex Party on the train all the way to Moscow, and the coolest thing of this experience, is that none of them speak a word of English and we still were able to get laid and hammered!

I gotta tell you dude, we were a bit scared to go to Russia, you know because is one of those countries where you don’t know if you will be able to come out and it ended being one of the best experiences we ever had.

SR. You guys are pretty much Aussies now. So the question every fanther want us to ask you is when are you guys coming back Down Under?

MS. I would like to come back and headline Soundwave tour for 2015 or 2016…that’s when we would love to come back!

SR. Just to finish. Would you like to send a message to all your Aussie Fanthers?

“…We fucking love Australia!…”

MS. Totally dude! I wanna say thank you so much Australia for embracing Steel Panther. We fucking love Australia!, and I’m gonna tell you why we love Australia, and it’s because the chicks are amazing, the crowd is mental and they can drink and party like professionals which is amazing!