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They say age comes with wisdom and considering the longevity of their career, Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein have showcased how much pride and joy it is to be in the band. Considered as veterans of the post-hardcore/emo scene, they have released eight records, toured internationally and have garnered a loyal fanbase in a span of almost two decades. After wrapping up their 10-year anniversary tour of Discovering The Waterfront last year, the five-piece will be coming back to Australia again to join Pierce The Veil’s headlining tour with Beartooth and Storm The Sky. Speaking with frontman Shane Told, he was excited to be back on the road again with his band mates to showcase more of their latest work.

We’re excited. I mean, the Discovering The Waterfront tour was amazing. It was cool to come back and kind of like pay homage to our past and you know, what we’ve done in our career [as a band],” He says when talking about their anniversary tour. “It’s gonna be cool now because we’re coming back and this tour is going to be more geared towards what we’re doing now and we’re excited for that.”

“We’ve been fortunate enough to do this for so long and have people still give a shit about our band.”

Recently the five-piece have been posting memos of their past records to acknowledge the milestones they’ve achieved so far in their career. Last year, they released their eighth studio record I Am Alive In Everything I Touch; their first album When Broken Is Easily Fixed turned 13 this year. Being in his thirties now, Told was surprised that it had reached to that point already, addressing the importance of continuous development in the band.

I think all those milestones are cool. We never thought too much about that stuff at all,” He says. “I think we started to understand that moving forward is always the most important thing with our band; it always will be, you know. We’ve been fortunate enough to do this for so long and have people still give a shit about our band.

“Looking back on these milestones and the things we’ve accomplished has actually been a lot of fun for us and we’ve started embracing that, you know. We’ve always been understanding that our fans have been there for us for so long; they appreciate us being around and they wanna support us, so we try to give back to them as much as we can.”

“We’re all in our thirties and we’re not kids anymore, so there’s a lot of change and we’ve grown up together in some ways – it’s kind of a beautiful thing.”

Because both records are so different from one another, Told mentions the baby steps it took to get to where they wanted to be as a band. As they grew older, the maturity progression in their music became more prominent.

“They’re completely different. I mean, not only is the music completely different but we’re completely different people and everything has changed, you know,” Told explains comparing When Broken Is Easily Fixed and I Am Alive in Everything I Touch. “The difference is drastic both in the way I sing, the way we play, the way we write songs, the production – everything. We’ve taken a series of small steps to get where we are. We haven’t made these drastic, drastic steps between albums. For us, it’s been kind of a slow progression.

“You have twelve years to take your baby steps between what you’ve figured out, what you’ve learned and most importantly, how you’ve grown as a person, you know. And that’s the biggest change because you have to understand, we were little kids. We didn’t know anything about how to write songs, we didn’t know anything about the music industry. Now, we’re grown men. We’re all in our thirties and we’re not kids anymore, so there’s a lot of change and we’ve grown up together in some ways – it’s kind of a beautiful thing.”

As Silverstein fills up most parts of his life, Told has also managed to squeeze in a cheeky solo project called River Oaks, showcasing strong and meaningful songs. In the beginning of the year, he released a three-track debut EP for the project and the reception of his material has been really well-received by fans.

It’s been really rewarding for me. It was something that I’ve always wanted to do because when I first started playing music, I started out as a guitar player, you know. And I really had no interest in singing, at all,” He shares on his experience with River Oaks. “I wanted to be a guitar player and I wanted to play guitar and then overtime, I started jamming with other people; I found myself kind of stuck as a singer.

“With River Oaks I basically just wanted to do something all on my own – that I could put my [own] name behind and something that could be, you know, just 100% my own artistic idea and I just decided one day, fuck it, I’m gonna do it. I wanted to do it for a long time but Silverstein has been so busy. It’s been pretty much consuming all of my time but I mean, I’m not getting any younger so I recorded three songs and put it on an EP, and the response has been amazing.”

Diving into the solo project, Told realised he was dealing with a completely different ball game when it came to River Oaks, but he was willing to take the risk anyway. Like with any dedicated musician, working on different projects can give them the opportunity to feel satisfied on what they’ve accomplished and for Told, he was able to challenge himself and go through some important learning curves as a solo artist.

With Silverstein, I’m really hands-on, you know and I’m kinda like a control freak anyways and a lot of the songs that we’ve done over the years, thinking of some specific examples like “My Heroine”, “Call It Karma” and “Your Sword vs. My Dagger” were my songs, you know,” He explains.

“I wrote the music, I wrote the words. I kind of brought them to everybody. Every time we put out a new album, there was a bit of fear we were putting out something inferior for people to hate, you know. At least with Silverstein, all the music released is behind the band’s name. When it’s River Oaks, it’s just me. There’s no one to hide behind, there’s no one else to blame, so for me, there was a lot of fear there.”


Silverstein will be supporting Pierce The Veil’s Australian tour with Beartooth and Storm The Sky. Be sure to check them out on the dates below!









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