Interview: Serena Vlahos of SheWolF


All girl rock band SheWolF are bringing their unique style of rock to the scene. With a combination of pop, metal, indie rock, and with their use of classy harmonies.

The band have released their highly anticipated debut album THE OTHER SIDE. These feisty 21-year-old rock chicks really must be heard to be believed.

To find out more about the band and their debut album, we had the chance to get in touch with SheWolF‘s frontwoman Serena Vlahos.

SR. Let’s start by introducing you girls to our audience. What can you tell us about you? When your journey as a musician began?

Well we’re three triplet sisters from the suburbs of Melbourne, and our music journey began in our living room about seven years ago when we stumbled into playing music as a band together.

SR. You girls are triplets and you are in a rock band together! How unreal is that. What’s the best and also the most challenging part of working with your sisters.

The best part of working together is we have a similar sort of vision for where we want to go and that makes working together a lot easier. We also have the opportunity to write and practice whenever the inspiration comes to us. The worst part is probably that because we’re so close we’re not afraid of fighting over ideas and so we’re less likely to compromise on things. We always manage to sort things out but it can take a bit longer sometimes.

SR. There are a lot of sweet tunes in your debut album. We can see some Joan Jett and Deep Purple influence there if we are not mistaken. What artists are your biggest influences and how do you try to translate their influences into your music?

Classic Aussie rock bands like INXS and Cold Chisel as well as international bands like Def Leppard, Heart and Joan Jett and the Black Hearts were part of our music education as kids. Individually we listen to lots of different artists across multiple genres and when you pool that all together, you get our music.

SR. How challenging is the music industry in Australia today? Do you think for emerging rock artists is even harder? Why?

Incredibly challenging. There’s just so many emerging artists with insane talent and varied styles of music, and there’s often a lot of experimentation and boundary pushing where modern music is concerned. As fans of classic rock it’s difficult to compete with that. The market for music is so diverse that finding a target audience in itself is tough. We do what we can to cater to as many different people as possible whilst still playing the kind of music we enjoy.

SR. What’s the meaning behind the name of your album “the other side”?

It’s the name of one of the tracks from the album, a song that stands among one of our favourites we’ve written. This album was also a journey for us, lots of blood, sweat, tears and time went into, and our music evolved as it was coming together because of that. It was a mountain we struggled to hike, but we made it over and we’re thrilled to finally have it out there.

SR. How would you describe your live shows and when and where can we see you live? Are you planning to hit the road any time soon?

Energetic and a lot of fun. Since the album dropped we’ve been booking lots of shows, we just want to do what we can to promote and get it out there. If the opportunity to go interstate or international comes knocking we’d be more than excited.

SR. What comes first for you girls, the melody or the lyrics?

Melody, always. We play around with a tune until it’s sounding good, and then from there we find the words in the music.

SR. Any special message for all the Aussie rock fans out there?

We hope we can do you all proud with what we’ve created and we hope you enjoy it, and thanks a million for all the support and for keeping classic rock alive.