Interview: Sami Boman & Riina Rinkinen of Silentium

Finland’s female fronted melodic metallers SILENTIUM have just released their new album Motiva.

Thanks to our good friend John Howarth of Nuclear Blast, we had the chance to get in touch with the band’s main composer and keyboard player Sami Boman and the spectacular front woman Riina Rinkinen in order to find out about the band and their new album.

SR. How do you think the sound of the band has evolved since the release of Infinita Plago Vulnera back in 1999?

Sami: I think it has evolved enormously on every aspect one can just think of. It has simply become so much more self conscious and confident. And all the developments, changes and evolution are just reflections of that growing self-awareness and poise. We are proud of what we have achieved and it resonates through in our sound.

SR. Your new release Motiva is an absolute triumph. Can you tell us a bit of the story behind the album, and especially the motivation behind the lyrics of songs like ‘Empty’ and ‘Unchained’

Riina: Thank you! Cosmos knows we’ve spent love, sweat and countless hours on it! The album is titled Motiva, which in latin means “to be moved, to be stirred”. While a lot of my writing has to do with depression, some of the texts are just forced out by that complete feeling of detachment that drives me to try and understand people and this messed up world we live in. The songs deal with different motivators people have for their choices and actions, whether it be the love for our children, shame and guilt or outside forces.

SR. Metal and rock bands from Finland are always so unique. How would you describe the sound of metal bands from Finland? What do you think it makes the difference?

Sami: This particular question is always a hard one. It’s like standing in the middle of the woods and trying to guess what the forest looks from afar. I’m not sure if the Finnish melancholy comes from our traditional music or lullabies we used to hear when we were little, but I’m pretty sure it’s something we are born with, not something we are aiming to. It’s just naturally there. It might even be something we ourselves don’t even hear and so we might find that some bands that people outside of Finland think in some way resembles each other soundwise are not even that closely related.

SR. Changing vocalist is always the most challenging thing for a band. However, the addition of Riina back in 2004, seems to be the most perfect fit for a band like Silentium. Can you tell us how the transition of vocalist happened?

Sami: It might be that Riina’s initiation with the band was so seamless because in the beginning it wasn’t meant to be a change of vocalist. Riina was to take care of the vocal duties alongside Matti, but because of her talent more and more vocal parts were just thrown to her corner to the point where we became something that maybe could be described as a female fronted metal band if one want’s to use such a useless attribute.

SR. What do you think makes a female fronted band so special?

Sami: If I’m perfectly honest with you (and also refer to my previous answer), I don’t think a female fronted band is any more or less special than any other band. Some bands have female vocalists, some have male vocalists, some have both and some have something else. So? What matters is the music. Some you like, some you don’t.

SR. How do you deal with the comparisons with bans like Evanescence, Epica and Nightwish?

Sami: We prefer those over comparisons with Iggy Azalea, Cardi B or Kanye. So we thank for the compliments and continue making our own music.

Obviously, we need to ask you how this crazy world we live in with the Covid19 pandemic has impacted you as a musician?

Sami: It hasn’t hit us on a personal and artistical level that hard. We are still able to create new music pretty much the same way as always but of course it has hit the band on a social level much more severely. It has cut our live shows close to none like it has done to everyone else. And that really is a shame, because it would be amazing to get to bring the new material to people from the stage too.

SR. Just to finish, can you share with us any fun story while on tour?

Sami: We were playing abroad with a much more famous finnish band than us and after a beer filled evening one of their guitar players sleepwalked to one of our hotel rooms and while unconscious decided to sleep in the same bed with our current drummer Janne. After waking up hung over in the morning this guitarist was a bit confused and wanted to know why Janne was in his bed. They sorted the situation out and the guitarist returned to his own room. Due to this incident the rest of his band baptised him with the indian name “Sleeps With Silentium”.

Get ‘Motiva’ today here!