Interview: Palaye Royale


Palaye Royale have had a massive 2018, these brothers from Vegas have been grabbing the attention of rock fans all around the world with their latest release Boom Boom Room (Side B) and their smash hit single You’ll Be Fine. Palaye Royale are the next generation of rock stars with influences from all genres and decades, they are one to definitely watch.

Thanks to Janine Marcos from Dallas Does PR, we got the chance to chat to Sebastian ahead of their Australian Debut at Good Things Festival.

SR: You’ve been coined as the “hottest band of 2018”, you’re onto your “next level stardom”, how do you feel hearing that? Do you feel like all your hard work has paid off?

It feels like we are just getting started! Like it’s nice to hear anything about what’s going on with our career from the outside but, when you’re in it so much, the only thing we really care about is our art and building the fan base that we have and keep on growing. It’s nice and it’s super cool. I did music because I want to create, and the fact people give a shit is even better.

SR: You guys are more a theatrical band where I’m getting a lot of Panic! At the disco, MCR realness. What made you want to go down that path?

We grew up in Vegas so I think anything; bands like The Killers are inspired by a whole world that is built off Sin but also has this nightlife of entertainment to the fullest, and production values. I think the theatrics come from something that we have existed in all the time without knowing. I feel where you grow up plays a huge role in who you are, and who you are as a band or an artist.

SR: Palaye Royal has a plethora of famous musicians vouching for your band. You’ve got Corey Taylor, James Iha and even the daughter of the Animals singer. Do you get star struck?

It’s weird, growing up we were thrown into this world without knowing it. Like our mum is a rock and roll photographer so we were best friends with like the guys from INXS, I went to Australia when I was super young, and I was staying with Garry Gary Beers from INXS but I had no idea who INXS was when I was a kid- I knew the songs of course but like you never knew who Michael Hutchence was growing up, then you’re like “Oh Shit!” those are like the biggest of the biggest. We met Steven Tyler when we were super young, when we were starting out and we were like “why are you so nice?” You’ll realise that the people that are actually good at what they do, and those are usually the ones that are nice to many people.

You’re just treated like friends or family… at the end of the day we’re all human, the one thing I do different is I play music and I dress cooler than some people [laughs]. Just be who are as a human being, people don’t have to like what you create- it’s not being a kiss ass though, that’s what a lot of people forget about too. There are a lot of kiss asses and some that are genuine. It’s like I’ll stand up for what I believe in, and I might come off as a complete asshole, but I don’t care because I’m staying true in what I believe in and what I say and if I say something stupid- I’m very apologetic. You have to stay true to who you are, especially as an artist.

Rock and roll is never going to die, but you need people that aren’t scared to say what they want to say in this world, but also to have reason behind it.

SR: You have been over to Australia before, but for the first time as a band, Palaye Royale will be coming over to play Good Things festival, are you guys excited to be playing?

It’s awesome! It’s like, this is 2018, I’ve gotten to experience new cultures, we’ve been to Europe and then to the UK where we sold out our first tour over there- playing some pretty big rooms, now we’re doing Mexico and South America, then we’re coming to Australia then we’re going to Asia. Being able to travel the world with the music we created in our basement really, it’s like exciting to travel and play in front of new people. I feel like foreign fans- like if you’re not from there, they’re even more thankful that you’ve come there. It’s like super nice, nobody expects anything of you but to play a show and have a good time.


SR: Palaye Royale is a family band, growing up did you all have the same interests which correlated into making this band?

We all started with the same roots, we got some really good tools at the beginning without knowing it. So we came from the same roots, but then I went more Brit-pop; Oasis, The Verve… Emerson is more into like 1920’s French music [laughs] then Remington is a grunge kid at heart and you could kind of tell by the way we would dress. So our interests our similar but our backgrounds are different.

SR: You guys are quite family oriented in all aspects, with the name Palaye Royale coming from the name of a hall where your grandparents met in the 1950’s.

It’s cool like without knowing our grandparents met at such a cool place- The [Rolling] Stones even played gigs there. It’s cool, it’s like we got this weird history from our family. I think everything is meant to be for a reason.

SR: There has been a few petition pages going around the internet to bring you guys to Australia, do you have a message for your Australian fans?

I’m just excited to meet everybody and see people in the audience. I’m super thankful that we can even travel that far and that people even know who we are and that’s the power of what the internet has done to the world but that’s exciting.

SR: If there was any song in the world that you wished you’d written what would it be?

It would probably be Knights in White Satin by Moody Blues or even Jubilee Street by Nick Cave or Can’t Get No Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones.


Catch Palaye Royale in their theartical glory at Good Things Festival this December!