Interview: MT Frontman of Swedish Death Metallers THE SPIRIT

By Jonathan Matthews

We had the chance to catch up with MT, vocalist and guitarist of Swedish Black/Death Metal band The Spirit. We chatted about their debut album ‘Sounds From The Vortex’, and their upcoming tour plans, as well as what else they’re currently up to.

SR. Your band The Spirit have just released you debut album ‘Sounds From The Vortex’, how are you feeling about that?

We’re quite excited about it, the response has been very good, and so far everything is going really well.

SR. Do you have a favourite track from the new record?

No, definitely not. All the songs are just so good, I can’t pick one. Some people have criticised the length of the album, they’ve said it should be longer. My response to that is that I prefer an album that is thirty eight minutes long with really great songs, rather than an album that is fifty minutes long with a few crap songs in it that you always skip. When we play live we can fit almost the whole album into a set, which is great, we switch up a couple of songs each time.

SR. It’s an amazing album! You guys have released a lyric video for ‘Clouds of Damnation’, will you be making any more music videos for this album?

Yeah, we definitely plan to make a music video. We wanted to have one done already, but unfortunately, sometimes when you work with lots of other people, things don’t go to plan. Some bullsh*t happened, which I won’t go into, but that’s the reason we don’t have a music video out yet. We will definitely have one by the next album though! We want to spend lots of time on the video and make it really good, so if that means we won’t have one for this album, then so be it.

SR. Have you got any plans to tour in Australia any time soon?

Not yet. We would like to go there, but I think it will take some time for people to find out about us and for us to build up a fan base over there. We’re on a big record label now, but we’re still pretty underground. In Europe it’s a bit different, we get a lot of offers to go to neighbouring countries. As soon as we get an offer to go to Australia, we’ll be there for sure!

SR. How would you describe your music to somebody who’s never heard it before?

I would describe it as energy and emotion transformed into dark music, or Black Death metal.

SR. What type of music did you grow up listening to, and how has that influenced your songwriting?

It all really started with black metal and death metal, although I don’t really listen to that as much anymore. I’m listening to more of the classic metal at the moment, and I had the chance to see Emperor the other day, which was really awesome, I’ve liked them for a long time. I’m not in extreme metal as much anymore, and I’m a little bit behind as far as that scene goes. I’m way more into rock and progressive rock, mostly from the seventies.

SR. How did the band initially meet and come together?

I was looking for a drummer, which can be quite difficult, good drummers are hard to find. I found on in 2015 and he joined the band, and we immediately started on the songwriting for this album. When the music was almost done, we started looking for a guitarist and a bass player. Once we found those guys, we went straight into the studio and recorded the album. That’s how it all began, it was quite simple.

SR. How did you come up with the name ‘The Spirit’, and what does it mean to you?

I don’t know. In my opinion, a band name should be a name that you can remember easily. Funnily enough, right now a have a King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard CD in my hand. It’s an awesome and hilarious name, don’t get me wrong, but I certainly didn’t remember it the first time I heard it. I was like “King wizard and the what lizard?!”. It took me quite a while to memorise. ‘The Spirit’ is very simple and easy to remember, and it works well for us. You hear it once, and it’s in your mind. When I told my best friend the name of the band, he said he thought it fitted my personality well. It just felt right.

SR. Are there any particular messages that you try to convey through your music?

As far as lyrics go, I don’t really like to talk about what they mean to me. I wrote them, and I want people to read them and make their own thoughts about them, and find their own meaning in them. I think it’s much better to make your own meaning for a song, rather than be told what it means. It’s art, you can make it into whatever you want.

SR. Do you have any final messages for people in Australia who might want to check out your music?

Give our music a shot, listen to it! If you’re into organic dark sounds, go for it! We would love to come to Australia, and it’s very possible. We’ll see you in the future!

You can follow The Spirit on social media or via their website to keep up to date with what they’re doing. Check out their album ‘Sounds From The Vortex’ and give them some support, hopefully we could see them touring in Australia soon!



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