Interview: Moose Blood

No band wants to reach their peak on their debut record and then be forgotten afterwards. Sometimes, record labels need you to bring out something new and shiny to the table when you’re an up-and-coming band and that’s what it was like for Canterbury’s alternative-emo heartbreakers Moose Blood. When it came to speaking with guitarist Mark Osborne and hearing him discuss his feelings towards the record release of the band’s new LP, there was something that made him feel proud of what the quartet had done despite the pressures of deadlines to create the beauty of what has come to be their sophomore masterpiece, Blush.

“We were just desperate to put something new out but we’re all really nervous about it as well,” Osborne says cheerily on his feelings towards the record release. “We have that basis of comparison now because we have that first record out. It went down really well – so much better than any of us thought it would and you know, this record is always going to get compared to that record [I’ll Keep You in Mind, From Time to Time].

“On its own merit, we love it [Blush] and we’re so proud of it and we couldn’t have done any more to make that record any better. We literally did the best we could and I think that’s why we kind of feel a little bit nervous because it is literally all we could do [laughs]. We were very aware that we needed to make a record that was better than our first record because we want to progress and we want to be able to do the band for as long as possible.”

“We literally spent every day working solidly to make sure we were finishing these songs while doing the best we could do.”

With a tight time frame of having to write and record songs, the four-piece were put into a position where they felt uncomfortable as their creative mindset was elsewhere, and something that could only be found if they had more time and life experience to get them by. Compared to their debut record, I’ll Keep You in Mind, From Time to Time, Osborne emphasised how much they all cared about this record. Although time was slipping away from them – something they had no control over – they still managed to make the most of their circumstances, despite the chaos of not knowing where to go from their first record.

“We wrote some ideas and demos over the course of two months before going out to record because that was literally the only free time we had,” Osborne explains. ‘We were rushing things and we knew that once we got off tour, we had these two months before we would run out to make the record; we practically had nothing. Eddie [Brewerton, vocals] and I – almost relentlessly – sat in his living room, working through ideas, lyrics and demos on a laptop which we then sent to the boys and we’d then take them to practice and try and evolve them into real band songs.”

“It was quite stressful and it was really hard work but it’s definitely one of the best experiences of our lives.”

Even then, they felt like all the song ideas they came up with didn’t resonate with them immediately, which lead them into a crisis only their producer Beau Burchell could solve.

“Once we got out there and we started working with Beau [Burchell], we picked apart all our ideas and demos while almost rewriting, to an extent,” he says. “Some songs were almost completely rewritten to how they are on the demos. We literally spent every day working solidly to make sure we were finishing these songs while doing the best we could do; Beau wasn’t going to allow us to settle for anything less, you know. He really dragged it out of us and was like ‘I know you can do better.’

“He would question everything even if we were like, ‘This demo is pretty much done, this is the song. We really like it how it is.’ He would still make us almost rearrange it or rewrite parts but then we have a couple of songs that we ended up just literally going back to how they were originally written. It was quite stressful and it was really hard work but it’s definitely one of the best experiences of our lives. We literally put everything into it and really worked our socks off to make sure we came out with a finished record.”

In the end, Osborne confirmed how passionate they all were in making Moose Blood a permanent thing, despite how stressful it was making Blush; another stellar record added to their discography. In the end, progression was crucial and how they adapted to everything was just another learning curve they merely had to roll through as part of the creative process.

“We had all the time in the world and progressed into everything that is on the first record,” Osborne explains. “With this come around, I guess we felt a bit more as though this is what we actually did. From the first record, it felt like a potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go out and make this record and then tour off the back of it. This is what we do [and] we take it very seriously because we love it and we want to be able to do it for as long as possible  The mindset was different and we tried to be really, really focused and not settle for just putting ideas together, you know.”

Seeing the perfectly ‘sold out’ stamps on their upcoming tour dates supporting Luca Brasi‘s Australian Tour (while also selling out their first ever headline show in Melbourne), Osborne had no words for the amount of love and support the band had, despite their Soundwave plans getting crushed in the beginning of the year. Needless to say, Australian fans were already making Moose Blood blush.

“It’s insane to comprehend it,” he says in awe. “It’s just so far away [Australia], somewhere that we’ve never been. In terms of being able to go over there and having people interested in us to play shows and listen to our music is really, really weird yet really, really flattering. It’s quite unbelievable to think that has actually happened especially with these songs that came out of our practice room. There’s a demand for us to go out and play and it’s just silly to me. We can’t believe it.”

Blush is available now via Hopeless Records. Check out our review of the record HERE.

Moose Blood will be supporting Luca Brasi’s Australian Tour. Be sure to check them out on the dates below!

w/ Moose Blood & The Hard Aches

Wednesday 17th August – The Basement, Canberra
Thursday 18th August – The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle – SOLD OUT
Friday 19th August – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney – SOLD OUT
Saturday 20th August – The Zoo, Brisbane – SOLD OUT
Thursday 25th August– Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth – SOLD OUT
Friday 26th August – Fat Controller, Adelaide – SOLD OUT
Saturday 27th August – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne – SOLD OUT
Sunday 28th August – The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart – SOLD OUT

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