Interview: Max Cavalera of Soufly Talks New Album ‘Ritual’

By Jonathan Matthews

We had the chance to have a chat with Max Cavalera the legendary guitarist and singer of American metal band, Soulfly. We discussed their upcoming album titled Ritual, as well as their recent collaborations with artists from Lamb of God and Motorhead, and when it might be that we are finally going to be able to see them in Australia next.

SR. Your new album Ritual is coming out soon, can you tell me a bit about that one?

Yeah, we’re very much looking forward to its release. We think it’s a really cool record, Ritual is a very solid album, and one with all of the Soul Fly elements that our fans and people have come to love. The heavy grooves are back, and we continued with all the trashy metal sounds. It’s got a lot of new things on it too, such as some collaborations with our buddies from bands such as Motorhead, and Lamb of God. I’m really happy with this record, I can’t wait to show it to the world!

SR. You have a new song on the album featuring Randy frontman and vocalist of Lamb of God titled ‘Dead Behind the Eyes’, how did you guys get together and make this one?

Myself and Josh worked on this together, and Josh is good friends with Randy and the guys in Lamb of God. Josh was going to see Randy, so I got him to show Randy some stuff and see if he’d like to sing on a track. Apparently the moment he heard the demo of that track, he fell in love with it. He decided to sing on it, I wrote the lyrics for him. I love his voice, I love his story, I read his book. He’s a great character, a really cool and talented guy. It was really cool to have him on the record, and I think ‘Dead behind the eyes’ is one of my favourite tracks on the record, it has that old school tribal thrash vibe of ours that everybody loves, it’s a song that’s written from the past, but going to the future.

SR. You’ve got a really cool 360 degree music video for ‘Ritual’, is that your first time making something like that?

Yeah it was. I wasn’t really involved in the creation at all, we had an artist do all of that stuff, they know much more than any of us about that kind of thing. It was cool, especially because it’s the album cover. I really like the album cover for our new record, it came out really awesome. It’s perfect for us and the record. The video turned out really cool, and we’re hoping to do a video for ‘behind the eyes’ too. Possibly even another video for another track, using some cool old footage that we have. It’s all going to be really cool, we’re organising all of that now and seeing what we can do. We’re really excited for the album release right now, people who’ve heard it so far have loved it. It’s one for the hardcore soul fly fans, and I think it’s one of our strongest albums so far.

SR. Have you got a favourite song from the new album?

I do. I’ve been listening to ‘The Rapture’ a lot recently, and what I like about it is that it’s like two songs in one. The first part is like an old school thrash metal song from the eighties, and the second part is just full on heavy metal, with intense drums and evil guitars, and the vocals are insane. Then there’s the ending, which really rounds it all out. I think it turned out great, I’m really happy with that song.

Keep up to date with Soulfly by following them on social media, or via their website. Listen out for their new record Ritual, which will soon be available for purchase or streaming. Give these guys some love and we will be seeing them in Australia very soon.

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