Interview: Lukas of Justice Crew talks ‘Live & Local’ Tour and more!

Justice Crew have been an Australian household name for many years since they were first introduced to the public as a dancing crew on Australia’s Got Talent. Since, they have proved to be exceptionally talented not only as dancers but as musicians, and now they have combined their love of dance and music on their new track ‘Good Time’. We had the chance to speak to Lukas of the group about their upcoming ‘Live and Local‘ tour around Australia (dates below), engaging with fans and their latest track.

So you guys are hitting the road in January on your ‘Live & Local Tour’ what can fans expect from your Live and Local Tour?

Yes, well the Live and Local Tour it is exactly that, we are heading out to rural communities and basically just giving them something a little bit different to what they expect. We are going to have some live elements offcourse and it’s going to be a little bit more intimate regarding that everyone is going to get to know us a little bit better and we want to get to know the fans a little bit better as well. So it’s going to be bit more of an open jam and off course we are going to play new songs because we will be touring off the back of ‘Live By The Words’ album as well, so we will have plenty of material so it’s just going to be an awesome time. I can’t wait!

In mentioning the live elements of the your shows, do you guys feel like the live element are as equally important as the performance element like dancing, as you guys do?

I think performing, just dance wise, is always good and requires a lot of energy but with the live performances you can always take it down a notch and have a little bit of a ballad or just a little jam session, or a rap session or something. But I think the tour is going to be more of a combination of mixing the two – so having a live element but always having high-energy dance moves as well.

Obviously it’s a bit difficult for you guys to play instruments while you are dancing, but do you ever play instruments when your performing or do you bring a band out with you?

Yes, we will have a band. We definitely won’t be doing any of the instrumental and it will be some friends of ours that will be doing all that. It’s going to be awesome and we just can’t wait to get out there and perform.

When you guys aren’t headlining your own shows, you have also supported the likes of One Direction and incredible other artist for the past few years, what is something you learnt from those people that you could carry on to your own live shows?

One thing that we will definitely take away and we will remember for the rest of our lives, would be some advice that Pitbull gave us when we were working with him, Kesha and the Jump Smokers in the States, was to be nice to everyone. Offcourse he told us to have fun on the tour and everything like that. But he said you never know who you are going to meet and you never know who that person is going to be in a few years time so be nice to everyone and that person could be head of security, could be CEO of the venue or could be anything, so I always be nice.

Great advice! So you always just released a new song called ‘Good Time’, can you tell me what that song means to you?


Well it’s a very sad song, I’m just kidding… (laughs) Off course it’s just about having a good time, having fun and as soon as we heard the song we knew it was for us and as you can tell if you have seen the video clip we are having a ball performing it and it doesn’t really get much better than that, we love what we do and we got our dream job.

What kind of musical inspirations in you guys draw from on this track?

Well with this track it was actually created by Jason Derulo’s camp, so him and a few of his peers had come together and had put the song together and when we heard that we were like ‘OK, yes this is sick’. Jason Derulo is on the same buzz with us on the dancing vibe. A lot of us used to break dance a lot and that sort of resonates with us in that sense as well just with the drumbeat and everything and that kind of vintage vibe so we knew that song was for us straight away.

Yes, and with regards to it being similar to Jason Derulo, you guys have said that recording it was a long process because each time you heard it you wanting to add something to give it a more Justice Crew sound to avoid sounding too much like Jason Derulo?

It’s pretty much like that with every track that we do but because Jason Derulo is predominately vocal and so skilled in that department we knew we kind of had to take on a different aspect and make it a bit more hyping, more breaking and more urban – just like our feel I guess. But that’s part of the magic with making a track like that. You never know how it’s going to turn out in the end but when you are happy with it, you are happy with it and than you are a ready to release

Obviously, you could keep tweaking a track for years and years before you are happy with it- how do you decide when a song is ready and there are no more tweaks to make, what’s that defining factor that makes you happy with how a track has worked out?

Usually, you kind of have a set list of things that you want to plan on changing for that day or whatever, and once you have completed those than you have a listen back and you ask yourself ‘ok, is it done? Do we need to do anything else? Does it feel complete?’

At the end of the day, it’s all about the feeling, if it feels complete than it probably is. And if all six of us are saying ‘yes, it feels complete’ than we know we are ready to release it.

Yeah, so as you were saying earlier with your ‘Good Time’ video clip, it is quite a feel good sort of clip. How important do you think these types of video clips are to your music?

Yes, they are essential offcourse because you want to portray the feeling of the song that you are getting across and the more genuine of a good time that you are having, the less acting that you are doing, is the better it comes across in the end. You know, if you look at the video you can tell that none of us are acting, we are all just having a good time and a muck around and that is essentially what the song is all about.

I also saw that Halloween Zombie video that you guys posted online, so great – you guys put a lot of effort into engaging with fans online or you do just do it for a bit of fun…

JUSTICE-CREW-Good-Time-Publicity-PhotoI think online media engagement is essential because, as you are saying, you want to keep fans engaged and you want to keep them updated. I think it’s about timing, and that was a perfect scenario because Halloween was coming up so we thought why not do something in the spirit of things. My girlfriend actually did the special effects make up for that, and we did it in our neighbourhood and we just got downstairs in the car park and all the boys came over and we just had a little bit of a DIY photoshoot and video shoot and it actually came out really well.

 Can we expect a Christmas video then?

I’d say so. We are all about celebrations at the end of the day so we just want to have a good time and we celebrate each holiday as it comes and whatever we can do for our fans to keep them engaged, we will.

So we just want to ask you some fun questions to wrap up. The first is, where was the strangest place you heard one of your songs being played?

I don’t know if this counts but I heard it overseas, I song wasn’t really being played but I saw our CD in a CD store in Bali and I was holidaying there. It was obviously a pirated copy and I go to the guy who was running the store ‘Do you have Justice Crew?’ and he was like ‘Yeah, I have Justice Crew’ and then he takes me to see the CD and I’m say to him ‘Do you see this guy?’ and he was like ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ and I was like ‘Yeah, that guy is me’ (laughs) He was a bit like ‘ohhhhh’ and then he asked me if I wanted it and I just took the CD.

Did you actually buy a bootleg copy of your own music?

No, I didn’t buy it. He just gave it to me. I think he was just feeling bad about it.

He probably should feel bad about it.

Yeah, I think I put him on a little bit of a guilt trip for that.

Lastly, if you could have written any song in the world what would it be and why?

I don’t know how to answer this one. It would probably be one of the older tracks, like Green Day ‘Time of Your Life’. It’s a great track, every time I hear it I get shivers and goose bumps and all of that, it’s such a deep song, so meaningful. So I think the writers of that track would be laughing right now, loving life.

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Justice Crew ‘Live&Local’ Australian Tour Dates

January 07 : Coffs Harbour (C.ex)
January 08 : Laurieton (United Services Club)
January 09 : Doyalson (Doyalson RSL)
January 14 : Young (Young Services Club)
January 15 : Dapto (Dapto Leagues Club)
January 16 : Revesby (Whitlam Theatre)