Interview: Lucy Hale Talks ‘Truth or Dare’


After the grand finale of her TV hit series Pretty Little Liars, actress Lucy Hale joined the cast of Jeff Wadlow‘s horror flick Truth or Dare, a genre that was not new for the talented TV star, as she played a small role in Wes Craven‘s Scream 4 back in 2011.

Thanks to Universal Sony, we had the chance to chat with the lovely Lucy Hale, in order to find out more about filming Truth or Dare alongside Teen Wolf’s star Tyler Posey, sharing the set with the legendary Wes Craven and of course about her time in Pretty Little Liars.

SR. How did you react when you read the Truth or Dare scrip for the first time?

LH. I loved the script, especially because it had a strong lead female character that was not the typical girl that needed to be saved.

I loved the funny moments on it, because the film was not totally serious, but was still scary enough. That mix really got me interested, because i love that type of films, I’m a huge fan of the Final Destination movies, and Truth or Dare somehow made me feel like if I was part of one of my favourite horror movies.

SR. How was the chemistry among the cast, especially with your fellow TV star Tyler Posey?

LH. It was great, he is such an honest and fun guy, and a great actor too. He was also coming to this feature after being part a long-running TV series, so we had that in common to start with.

Before start filming we went all on a bonding trip to Mexico, which was great. The sole purpose of that trip was for the cast to get to know each other. It was rare and fun, and totally the right thing to do.

SR. What can you tell us about your “scary smile” in the film?

LH. Honestly, they told me there were some digital effects added, but you never get to have a full mental picture of it. The results in post-production were so scary, that smile is really scary, it actually made me feel uncomfortable the first time I saw it, which only means the guys in post did a great job. Before doing this film people used to ask me mostly about Pretty Little Liars , now every fan that talks to me asks me about the smile (laughs).

SR. Truth or Dare was not your first horror experience. You were on Wes Crave’s Scream 4. Can you tell us about something about working with Wes?

LH. OMG, Wes Craven, what a legend! As you know I only had a small part in the opening scene of the film, but I enjoyed every moment doing it.

I was super nervous, I mean just imagine being there in the same set as Wes Craven, but he was such a great director to work with, he knew exactly what he wanted from everyone, and always was trying to find ways to take things to the next level. I feel so grateful for the chance of being part of his saga while he was with us. He is still deeply missed.

Also the Scream fans are the best!

SR. You also were in How I Meet Your Mother

LH.  Yes, I was in the first episode like 11 years ago, I was super nervous cos I was only 18 at the time. The cast was already so successful, so I did not know what to expect, but they made me feel at home.

In a way that episode open my doors, because after that I started on Pretty Little Liars, and the best thing was that after so long, they contacted me and asked me to come back for the  final season of How I Meet Your Mother.

SR. What actor you would love to work with in your next film?

LH. Hard question. I love Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone, so definitely they are at the top of my list.

“…Before doing this film people used to ask me mostly about Pretty Little Liars , now every fan that talks to me asks me about the smile…”

SR. Obviously I need to ask you about playing Aria in Pretty Little Liars. What are your most fond memories of the character?

LH. Playing Aria, was and will always be one of the most memorable experiences of my life, as it was the character who gave me all the tools and opportunities to become who I’m now.

The best memories I have are the ones spending my time with my friends on set, I loved being there with Ashley, Troian, Shay, Sasha and all the cast…I miss being with them and feels super weird now that the series are over now.

SR. Just to finish. What advice would you give to young aspiring Australian actors?

LH. Just never give up, keep going to auditions and don’t get frustrated, it’s a very competitive industry, and even if a door shuts, be sure of yourself and your talent, take any role, no role is too small, all of them are experience that you will need.

Truth or Dare – On DVD & Blu-Ray 15 August 2018

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