Interview: Kyle Bielfield Talks Debut Album ‘MANHATTAN’


Kyle Bielfield’s debut record ‘MANHATTAN’ is set to be released in Australia on February 16.

Thanks to Sony Music Entertainment Australia, we had the chance to have a quick chat with Kyle, in order to find out more about studying music in the US, the album, and much more. 

SR. Nice talking to you again Kyle!

KB. It’s nice to be speaking with Spotlight Report again, this time with a slightly different project I’m excited to finally announce a full album express a little bit more of myself.

SR. Your debut album Manhattan is nearly here. What can you tell us about it?

KB.It’s a vocal based album that’s all about the lyrics and the music and the expression. There’s no smoke and mirrors here, what you hear is what you get. It’s a chill out album that could get play listed  along anything from Jack Johnson to Adele.

SR. How was the experience of working with Louis Schoorl? What did you learn from him?

KB. Louis has a lot of secrets and a master never gives away his secrets… that’s Louis for you. I like to think that because of my background in music we’ve had a lot to learn from each other.

SR. You moved to Australia after studying classical music in New York. What made you decide to leave the US?

KB. To do the kind of music that I wanted to do I needed to remove myself from a comfort zone and my musical education. It’s important to be fearless and unencumbered when making art.

SR. Whose idea was it to cover ‘Take On Me? Were you concern about taking on such an iconic song?

KB. I brought the song into Louis, to see if there was a more creative way that we could reproduce the track. At first I was concerned because it reminded me of a Swiffer commercial from the states, but with a little synth magic we gave the song new life.

SR. Tell us more about your single Audition (The Fools Who Dream). What inspired you the most, lyrics or the music?

KB. I actually recorded it as a demo for fun and it turned out that everyone fell in love with that demo.

SR. What’s next for you? Touring Down Under?

KB. I’m doing a few shows this season here that will be put up on my website. I am also going to NEW York and Hong Kong for some exciting projects later in the year.

SR. What’s the best advice you have received from a fellow musician?

KB. The best advice I have ever been given, Sing like a rock star and live like a nun.