Interview: Kenny Wayne Shepherd Talks ‘The Traveler’

By Jonathan Matthews

Spotlight Report have an interview with KENNY WAYNE SHEPARD about the new album they have coming out titled THE TRAVELER which was released May 31st worldwide.

Tell us a bit about ‘The Traveler’

K: It’s a blues rock album it’s got different elements of different genres of music that I’ve grown up with and have been listening to over the years. It’s a KENNY WAYNE SHEPARD record; it’s a good representation of where I am as an artist with my band today.

Have you got a favorite song of the new album?

I tend to go through phases of favorites so probably a month from now it may change but at the moment right now it is ‘I Want You’, it is the epitome of what I believe contemporary blues music is for me, it’s just got a killer groove, it’s got a lot of attitude, it’s not like the deepest lyrics in the world, but, it’s got a killer vibe with a nice bed made for me to lay down some smoking guitar on, I think it identifies contemporary blues music for me.

How do you feel about and what’s your stance on guitar solos these days in popular everyday music?

As I’ve gotten older I’ve learnt to not take every song as an opportunity to do an extended guitar solo. That’s just unnecessary.

I did want to ask you, have you got any plans to be coming over to Australia anytime soon, what’s your plans?

We were just there last year but my intention is to go back very soon, the last time we were there was 6 years prior, but I just don’t want there to be that much time in between this time. You know we have a lot of fans there and I love the country and I want to continue to come back on a regular basis, hopefully we will be announcing our tour to return to Australia sooner rather than later.

When you were here last Did you perform any new songs off this new album ‘The Traveler’ ?

At that time it hadn’t been finished yet, and I don’t usually play songs off a new record until the album has come out, because everybody records things with their cell phones and they put it on YouTube and the likes you know. I don’t want people’s first impressions of a brand new song to be a live cell phone recording. I want them to have the opportunity to hear the real version of the actual song first.

Tell me what else you do have in the works in the way of touring; are you going to be kicking off a tour somewhere soon?

Yeah. So we just finished a Spring tour in April of the states that was prior to the release of the record. After the album comes out were doing a co headline tour with Buddy Guy in Europe again probably around Autumn, in October or November, we’re kind of bouncing back and forth between the rest of US and Europe , we will be touring for this album for the duration of 2020 as well so we will be adding many countries and many different locations to the tour.

Have you got a favorite country to perform?

I mean not really, to me I just like to go wherever the people want to hear the music. I feel like across the board, the appreciation from the fans seems to be pretty universal, the reaction might be slightly different like some crowds might be more rowdy and some might be more reserved but people that are fans of this music really love it and they love it with a passion and for a long time, so the reception seems to be pretty consistent no matter where we go.

Are you going to have any music videos coming out for songs on The Traveler’?

Yeah. We got one, we just finished one for ‘WOMAN LIKE YOU’ that’s going to come out soon. We’re going to release an EPK which has some behind the scene footage too, I think we are just about to release that as well and we also filmed 2 other videos as well but they haven’t finished the editing part on those yet, so we have at least 3 videos for 3 songs plus the EPK, and then who knows what else we might do in addition to that.

What would you have to say to fans who are looking forward to hearing your new album ‘The Traveler’ at the end of the month?

We’d like say thanks, we appreciate the support, and if they dig the new album to turn everyone they know on to it as well so they can enjoy it too!

Don’t miss KENNY WAYNE SHEPARD and his band when they finally come to Australia next time, they will be here soon enough to perform new songs from their new album THE TRAVELER out now! Follow them online and on social media to stay up to date with tour information!