Interview: Justice Crew Talks New Album & The Arias

Thanks to Sony Music Australia, we had the chance to chat with one of Australia’s most successful boy bands, Justice Crew, ahead of the Aria Awards 2014 and the release of their new album Live By The Words on November 28.

SR. ‘Que Sera’ beat all Australian ARIA chart records. What do you think was the key element that made that song a huge hit?

What really helped with Que sera’s success would be having a great sync on my kitchen rules and the lyrics to the song fit our journey as Justice Crew.

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SR. Your new album ‘Live By The Words’ is coming out soon, what can you tell us about it? Will you guys explore any new musical areas on it? Or Will you remain loyal to what  Justice Crew is and has been until today?

Each track on the album titles our lifestyle as justice crew we live by the words of what we sing about. It’s also good to try new styles of music, cause there is 6 of us, we all listen to different genres. That’s what makes us  Justice Crew.

SR. The first single of the album ‘Rise & Fall’ is a ballad. Do you rather slow tracks or faster ones where you can show your dancing skills as well?

As a group we love to take the time to have a ballad moment within our show. It gives us a little rest and also gives us a chance to serenade the girls.

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SR. So far, you guys have been the most successful Australian boy bands in recent years. What do you feel has made the difference for you, in order to remain on the spotlight?

What makes us different would be having a dance group background mentality. Which is battle strategy.

SR. The Arias 2014 are coming. Who are your favourite candidates to win?

Chet Faker or 5SOS

SR. We assume you watched the recent season of X Factor? What is your personal opinion of this year’s contestants? Was Marlisa your candidate to win?

X Factor always has great competition. Marlisa was a stand out from her audition. We knew she was top 3 for sure.

SR. We always ask these two questions to our guests. Can you share with us any funny or weird story involving a fan of the band, or any funny tour story in general?

One fan came up to solo and asked if he could swallow his food (chicken) and regurgitate it and give it to him. And he did!

SR. What we can find backstage at your shows?

Naked bodies and coconut water.

SR. If you could pick up any artist world-wide to work with. What would be your dream co-headline show?

Pharrell would be perfecto!