Interview: Jedward

We got a chance to talk to the chatty and enthusiastic Irish twin boys John and Edward Grimes, known as Jedward and even though they were tired because of the time zones they were so excited to chat about their upcoming Australian tour, their jepic fans and their favourite shopping destinations. Initially, we spoke to John but not too long in Edward can’t help but join the interview to chat to Spotlight Report.

Before we could get a word in, the enthusiastic John told us how excited he is to tour Down Under, and to introduce himself.

J – ‘We’re really excited about coming to Australia. We can’t wait to come. We are performing at the Enmore Theatre on the 1st of December, which is like a really really cool way to kick off the Christmas season.

We have a concert in Ireland in a day, we’re really excited, we just went to the shops there, we bought loads of food to keep our energy.’

SR -What can the Aussie Jedheads (Jedward fans) expect from the tour since its your first tour in Australia?

JEDWARD-01J- What they can expect from our tour. We’ve been to Australia twice but we haven’t done a tour. What they can expect from our show – like we have 10 outfit changes, we perform like thirty songs, we’re on stage for a long time, and we have loads of good vibes. You should come to the show, even if you don’t know every song, by the end of every song you will know every song because they’re all very catchy songs.

We do fast songs, then kind of fast songs, and we do slow songs. We do an acoustic set as well which consists of like four acoustic songs with the guitar to slow it down a bit for our fans. We try to change it up, by doing some fast songs and some slow songs and its good. They get really excited. So they can expect a really really cool show.

 SR- That’s pretty exciting, we’ve been told that fans are travelling all the way from the UK and Ireland for it, how does that make you feel?

J – I think it’s amazing! Our fans are overall really really supportive, and get really exciting, so it is like a huge massive journey for all of us. No matter where we are going, we are like wow I can’t believe we are going to Tokyo, or I cant believe we’re going to Singapore or even Australia. We’re like on the other side of the world. It gives our a fans a true excuse to go ‘hey mom I’m going to Australia and there like okay’.

it really cool to make memories that you can share with your fans forever.

Our fans all stick together so it’s like a community. They all look out for each other and know each other, so it’s cool when we go to a Jedward concert and you see people there you know and people you’ve talked to on twitter and stuff like that. You can meet up and say hello, so it really cool to make memories that you can share with your fans forever.

They are so jedicated (dedicated jedheads) , its really cool because it’s the first time we’re coming to Australia and me and Edward, have three albums but our next album will be really really cool and have a really really cool sound. We are really excited for our fans to hear our new music because we wrote the songs ourselves, and were really excited about promoting our new music and stuff like that. But we’ll be doing songs in Australia from the last three albums and covers as well. In the New Year we’ll be doing lots of promotion for the new songs and I can’t wait to come back to Australia to do more tour dates but we are just really excited about coming back to Australia.

SR- Speaking of the new album, when is it coming out and what can fans expect from it?

It will have the Jedward sound, but it will be a lot more solid.

J – The thing about it is we’ve recorded like 16 songs and there really really cool. We decided that we wanted to write our own songs because I feel like it’s a lot stronger and a lot more relatable to your fans because we write all the songs ourselves and you know what you want to portray and what you want to represent. All our new stuff will represents us 100% . They have some really strong meaning behind them. I think it will be our new album will be out in the New Year, and we’ll be releasing some new songs too. It will have the Jedward sound but it will be a lot more solid. It has like a really strong sound to it because we did a bit of everything. It going to be really cool and interesting, it’s going to be a lot more. Its not going to be gimmicky, its not going to be trying to appeal, and it’s not going to be cheesy. It’s going to be a more mainstream sound.

a lot of the new songs are really personal

We have a song called Luminous and when most people hear that song they go ‘ohh I really love that song, I can’t believe it’s you and Edward’. So for our new songs I want everyone to be surprised and go ‘Woah we really like that song’. So I think our new songs are still going to appeal to everybody and I’m really excited about our fans knowing all the words and all that stuff. It’s been really really cool because a lot of the new songs are really personal and I think its going to be really good for our fans to hear those songs and know about the different things we’ve gone through over the last four our five years of our trip. It will be cool that they can relate to the songs and it can inspire them.

SR -So we asked Jedheads if they could ask you anything what would it be, and we got some jepic responses:

SR- Have you ever woken up to discover you’ve had the same dream?  

J- Yes, loads of times, it is so weird because as we were growing up we were always doing the same thing together during the day and we talk about stuff before we go sleep which is what we both end up dreaming about the same things. Things like – going to a concert, or meeting celebrities and different dreams and stuff. And Edward will be like ‘woah I had the same dream’ and I’m like yeah I had the same dream too and it’s a real fun experience.

JEDWARD-04Edward loved this question so much that as soon as he entered the room, he told us about some interesting dreams also.

E –Last time I had a dream I was eating loads of donuts and I had to wake up because I was like ‘Woah I’m eating a lot of donuts.’

I also had a dream once I was in a waterpark but it doesn’t result in anything. I’m just in a waterpark with a lot of slides and its really great. It weird when you are in a dream and you don’t realise it and you want to stay asleep because it’s a really good dream.

SR- If you were to do solo albums would they be similar or really different from each others? 

E- I think John’s album will be a really guitar based acoustic album but mine will be a full on Enrique Inglesias. I will probably need to learn how to speak Spanish first.

SR- So you’re starting the third season of Jedward’s Big Adventure, tell us a bit about what that’s like? 

It’s good to be like a triple threat by doing everything.

E- Basically it’s a TV show and it’s like me and John and we go to places. Last time we went to William Shakespeare’s house and Charles Dickinson and everyone has been there and we talk about it. Basically me and John we wear a lot of studs in this season because last season our hair was really really tall, and had to get our hair cut so its literally half. Last season was five episodes and this season is ten, so it a big show on BBC, and everyone really likes it. I don’t think me and John see it as something being cool, we see it as doing something of everything. It’s good to be like a triple threat by doing everything.

SR- So we know you can act, sing, dance, design clothes and create music videos. What other secret talents do you have that people may not be aware of?

E- Uh I don’t know. I think John and I are really good at photography. We like taking pictures of animals. John and I won a completion and a picture was put on the front cover of ‘Animal Instyle’. I won the competition and won a play-station. I was so excited when I won it. Another talent that we have is that we are really good at shopping. Like when you go to the shops we know all the deals and get them all, and everyone is like ‘where did you get that deal’ and were like we go this deal and we are the first ones there to get it. John is really good at packing suitcases, because a lot of the time were packing suitcases. We both play the violin, we’re really good at running, we do mountain running, and everything. We do a lot of stuff.

SR- You have a strong celebrity fan base with fans such as Tara Reid and William Shatner, have you had any experience where you surprised by a celebrity follower 

E –Yes, I think William Shatner is so cool, like I remember the first time he followed us on twitter and basically he dm’ed us and he said ‘have a Shatnarific day’ and sometimes we just message him. It’s really cool that he is of a different age category and he is so cool and down to earth.

I remember when we went to a Katy Perry concert like two and a half years ago and like she gave us a shout out on stage and literally the whole audience like turned from looking at her to looking at us. We were like wow. Perez Hilton is a fan as well, he really like our music videos and us. I think a lot of different celebrities know us in different countries, but John and I just need to get out there and do more because we have three albums, we’ve been to Europe and it’s good to finally come to Australia. There are a lot of Irish people out there and tourists and when they see us out there, and there really happy because their really homesick and then they see us, and get really optimistic and there like ‘Woah, Jedward is here’. They might not know much about us because they might not know what were doing but when they see us there like ‘woah, we cant believe you guys are out here’.

I think with me and John when we meet people, we try to make a big impact, even if they don’t know who we are, we try to tell them everything we’ve done and blown there minds.

JEDWARD-02It’s really good to go to Australia because we’re sort of doing work but its also like a holiday as well because it is nice and hot. We get to go surfing and do loads of interviews and then in the evening get to go shopping. We really like Chinatown and all the shops there because we buy a lot of clothes there. The last time we were there we went to Paddy’s Market and all these different places. We like Tim Tams, literally all our fans give us a lot of food and clothes when we go there. We always bring extra suitcases just in case we get a lot of fan mail. So when we need to take it all back to Ireland, it always a mission. We really like flying. We really like the whole long haul flights because you get time to write songs and think. So it’s really good when you are on a long haul flight. I think with me and John when we meet people, we try to make a big impact, even if they don’t know who we are, we try to tell them everything we’ve done and blown there minds.

SR- It must able to be important for you guys to stay connected with the fans…

E – I think its good to be in contact with all your fans and try and give everybody a chance and that everybody gets a tweet. We reach out to fans who have never seen us before, because not everyone can meet you. So like with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, I never actually thought you could like contact them and message them but its really good getting fan mail and seeing the fans reaction. It’s good to see the difference between crazy fans and really hardcore fans and mainstream and the general public, but its still good for everyone to have a chance of meeting you and tweeting you.

SR- Lastly, the x-factor grand final is coming up this weekend in Australia, as former constantans of the show what advice would you give to constants or other musicians.

E –Who is in the final right now?

SR– Jai, Taylor and Dami

The advice I could give them all is have fun and to stay connected to all there fans and to make the most of it and when they go on the tour to really work on there stage presence.

E – Jai was like a massive fan of me and John. He said he saw us on Celebrity Big Brother and saw our stuff on YouTube so I hope he does the best. He is really really cool but I think that Taylor was cool as well. I hope that Dami does awesome as well. I think she was awesome. The advice I could give them all is have fun and to stay connected to all there fans and to make the most of it and when they go on the tour to really work on there stage presence.

Fan Made Jedward Australian Tour Poster

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