Interview: Jamison Friesen of ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN

By Jonathan Matthews

We had a chat with Arrival of Autumn vocalist Jamison Friesen in regards to the band’s new album titled HARBINGER which has just been released via Nuclear Blast Records, it’s one for fans of bands such as Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Polaris, Architects and they are inspired by the likes of Metallica, Lamb of God, and The Black Dahlia Murder. Arrival of Autumn are certainly a group worth checking out if you haven’t already done so! HARBINGER is produced by the one and only (and well reputed) – Jason Suecof who has produced albums for groups such as All That Remains, Motionless in White and Whitechapel.

SR. So we’re going to chat about your band Arrival of Autumn’s new album Harbinger, which is pretty damn heavy, tell us a bit about the album…

Well it’s out now through Nuclear Blast Records, it’s our bands second album and our first one on a record label, you can check it out now, it’s really heavy and fantastic!

SR. Tell me a bit about some of the singles on the album specifically.

The first single we released ‘The Endless’ is a lot of fun; it’s really heavy hitting but really melodic still. Lyrically it tackles the question of freewill and what causes us to live our lives out the way we do.

SR. Tell me a bit about the theme that carries on throughout the album …

We focus on the state of the world and how it is weighing on each and every one of us on an individual level along with other topics that are more personal, like depression and stuff like that. Basically songs about indoctrination and ideology and power systems like government, religion, stuff like that and how the crazy political climate right now, everything is very left versus right and that is definitely having a negative impact and is weighing down on the people of the world, I find.

SR. Do you find yourself tying those themes into your music videos, and if so how do you find yourself tying those things into your music videos?

For better off, we wanted to go with a dark subterranean look lately, with our latest music video we’re kind of just in a basement with dark angry vibes in that music video, which reflects on the lyrical content basically of how people are tricked into thinking there is higher power and a greater purpose to their life, we don’t think that is the case and has had a negative impact on the world around us. That music video is a subject to take seriously and is a very dark topic I guess. We went with those murky visuals in the music video and I think it worked out very well.

SR. Do you have any more music videos yet to be released for songs that are on the new album?

“End of Existence” just come out, it’s really cool; it’s kind of a live music video, with some shots of the band, it’s really sick.

SR. Who would you say your biggest influences are as a singer?

As a singer, James Hetfield big time, I would say Matt Tuck from Bullet for My Valentine too, and Ronnie Radke (Escape the Fate) has always been an influence, just because he is a power house vocalist, he’s not much of a metal guy but I definitely have tried to steal a thing or two from his book…

SR. What sort of microphones do you use?

Shure SM58s, there indestructible and they are perfect live, for in a studio, SM80 or SM7 even though it might be an instrument mic though *laughs*

SR. What changes in production were there from the last album?

Well I mean the last album we mostly did our self, a lot of DI and pre-amping. We had a producer in town who helped us especially with drums and vocals on that one, for this album we did it with Jason from Audio Hammer Studios, Jason is amazing at what he does and his studio is top of the line, so we had everything we needed to record at the best quality possible, it was amazing!

SR. What’s your touring plans for this year and the next?

This year we’ll be doing North America in the summer that’s all I can really confirm right now…

SR. So there are no plans to come to Australia at this stage?

I don’t know…

SR. What would you like to say to your fans listening to the new album for the first time?

Hope you dig it and crank it loud, keep an eye out for when we get down to your side of the world!

Check out Arrival of Autumns new album HARBINGER out now!!

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