Interview: Hardcore Superstar’s Joakim ”Jocke” Berg

Hardcore Superstar fans have had a decade long wait for the return of the Swedish Rockers but this June they are gracing our shores with their hybrid-genre hits, for a string of killer shows ahead of their 11th studio album You Can’t Kill My Rock And Roll

Thanks to John Howarth from Nuclear Blast, we got the chance to have a chat to singer Joakim ”Jocke” Berg about their return and You Can’t Kill My Rock and Roll

SR: It’s taken you a decade to come back to Australia, why so long?
We were supposed to come back for Soundwave but somebody fucked that up [laughs] so uh, money was an issue and scheduling issue, they changed the schedule so we were kinda of pissed so we cancelled.. Sadly. Sad for the fans.

SR: Being such a long time, is there anything you’re really excited to do when you get here?
Last time we played Sydney and Melbourne, but this time we’re playing more places. Because I really love Australia, I fell in love with Australia when we were there 10 years ago! I told my wife that if we should move somewhere we would move to Australia, because it’s either Sweden or Australia.

SR: It’s been a decade, what can fans expect from Hardcore Superstar this tour?
We’re 10 years older, but we’ve still got a lot of energy. Its gonna be a really good time, we tend to make the audience be a part of the show that’s important for us! Its gonna be a big party!!

SR: Your highly anticipated 11th album You Cant Kill My Rock and Roll is coming out in a few months, what can your fans expect from this record?
We’ve been doing this for 20 years, and our first album was called It’s only Rock and Roll, 20 years into our career its like you can’t kill our rock and roll, it’s just a statement and that’s what the album is about!

We wrote like 50 songs for the album and we recorded the best 13 songs. Our bass player he has his own studio now so it was very relaxed, no stress, and I think we were in the studio for 3 months, off and on, but the technical process you don’t want to talk to me about that [laughs] I don’t know anything about that! [laughs]

We had a good time!

SR: Hardcore Superstar, your music has an authentic glam sound which resonates from when it was in it’s prime. How have you kept the magic of glam alive throughout your music?
Write good songs! [laughs]. We’ve been doing this for 20 years now, the thing that has gotten us to write songs is that we want to write good songs with quality, we don’t want to put out albums that we can’t stand for. I think that’s what kept us going through the years and the love for music.

SR: You’ve also thoroughly dabbled throughout the years in mixing and melding your genre, has there been a period or an album that has been your favourite or you’d like to revisit?

My favourite record is  Dreamin’ in a Casket, but I think this new record is going to be up there on my favourites. Dreamin’ in a Casket was really… I don’t know but I love every song on that album.

SR: As a band you’ve opened for AC/DC, you’re about to release your 11th album, moving forward what do you want to achieve as a band next?
We want to go to Asia, we’ve never been there and also africa. Then we’ve been all over the world.

SR: On your Instagram you’re quite a family man! How do you balance touring around the world and being a really good dad?
Nowadays its easy because we’ve got Face Time. When we first started, our tour manager had 1 cell phone we could use one day a week! For 10 minutes! So these days it’s so much easier, they know what I’m doing and they support me and they support what i do.

SR: If there was any song in the world you wished you write, what would it be?
Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

Catch Hardcore Superstar on their You Can’t Kill My Rock ’N’ Roll
Australian Tour This June!

Thursday, June 14: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Friday, June 15: Prince Bandroom, Melbourne
Saturday, June 16: Wooly Mammoth, Brisbane
Sunday, June 17: Fowler’s Live, Adelaide (Lic AA)
Tickets onsale, Monday, February 26 @ 9.00am via