Interview: Graveyard’s Drummer Axel Sjöberg

Swedish Grammy award winning metal band Graveyard will return Down Under in March 2015 to play at Golden Plains Festival along with headline shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Thanks to XIII Touring, we had the chance to speak with the band’s drummer Axel Sjöberg, in order to find out more about the tour, being compared with Black Sabbath and more.

SR. You guys have been hailed as Sweden’s 21st Century answer to Black Sabbath. How do you feel about being compared with other bands?

That’s unavoidable, to be compared. It’s not like we’re the first rock band in music history. I know what I think about our music and how others choose to describe us is up to them. And I’m fine with that.

SR. How do you feel the sound of the band have been evolving since your first self-titled release to Lights Out?

graveyard album lights outBroadened. Better dynamics. Better musicians. Hopefully a bigger musical spectrum.

SR. When can we expect a new album from you?

In the fall 2015. We’re working hard on it right now, hopefully it’ll be done before our tour with Mastodon and Clutch in may.

SR. Speaking about your upcoming Australian tour. For people who have never seen you guys live, how would you describe a Graveyard live show?

An intense rock concert with good dynamics. People will most likely drink beer and be pretty fucking stoked.

SR. How many songs you guys usually put on the set-list?

Totally depends on the how long the set time is. If we do a head line show, we play around an hour.

SR. Your Melbourne show sold out already. Did you guys expect that overwhelming response from your Aussie fan-base?

No, didn’t really have any idea of what to expect since we played Soundwave last year. I don’t really expect that people bought tickets to such a big event just to see us. But we did a small show on the side at the Cherry Bar and that was a blast. Sold out too. I’m happy to get back under!

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SR. A lot of your lyrics are very “political.” Is that a personal decision to channel your ideas out, or it’s more a creative liberty? This is a big question. I could ask you back: what isn’t politics?

To me, it’s just lyrics about the world as it is. Most people get fucked over by people who have a lot of money.

SR. Can you share with us any funny or weird story involving a fan of the band, or any funny tour story in general?

graveyard albumOnce, me and our old bass player ended up at a party in the Florida swamps, at Gary Busey’s nephews house – the sausage castle. It was weird. I got into a fight with someone in a rabbit costume and we fired automatic weapons into the swamps.

SR. What could we find backstage at any of your shows?

Hopefully good food and good beer. Water and a decent toilet.

SR. Any message for the Aussie fans ahead of the tour?

Please give our new bass player a warm welcome!

Graveyard 2015 Australian Tour

Wed 4 Mar Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Sat 7 Mar Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne
For more information visit