INTERVIEW: Fever 333 Vocalist Jason Butler!

Jason Butler is not new to the limelight having success with his former band Letlive, but not even 2 years old, his new project Fever 333, alongside of members of The Chariot and Night Verses has become a roaring success. With a Grammy nomination up their sleeve, Fever 333 are currently supporting Bring Me The Horizon on their North American Tour, and are soon to be on our shores appearing at Download Festival.

Thanks to Warner Music we got the chance to have a chat with Jason about their Download appearance, Australian Festival Culture, their rising success and Jason’s own charity.

SR: Fever 333 are playing Download Fest in just a couple of weeks, how excited are you to be coming?

Im so hyped! I love Australia and Australian music and festival culture. I was lucky enough to experience that with Letlive, I’m just so excited to bring the message over to Australia and just experience all over again, I’m very hyped!

SR: Speaking of that festival culture, have you by any chance been keeping up to date with that is happening with the politics surrounding NSW festivals?

No I haven’t, is there something I should know?

SR: Basically our premier is banning and cancelling festivals all over NSW because we’ve had a few deaths over the last year with mainly drug overdoses, also saying that the standards aren’t up to scratch but she refuses to bring in Pill Testing for these festivals. I guess Australian culture of live music is dying at the moment.

Wow, I feel like that’s kind of dangerous, to mitigate art and such a huge part of the arts culture in Australia. I feel like that’s so dangerous and short sighted- that’s crazy! It’s stupid! I had no idea! That’s terrible…

SR: Away from that, most of your members are from other projects but Fever 333 as a band is still relatively new, but you’ve has such a quick rise to fame with a Grammy nomination and touring the world. It’s amazing, but did you see that happening?

No, but you kind of always have to hope for the best or the most auspicious of scenarios but I don’t think you should ever expect it because you don’t want to build yourself up to be disappointed if you fall short. So no, I never really expected anything to happen the way it did, I was hoped and believed that it was a possibility. Not necessarily because of myself or the efforts I make personally but because I feel people want more from art and community and I think that the people want more from their artists, and I think that’s what I wanted. I wanted more from art and my environment for a while now and I think a lot of what we touch on is offering more and discussing things that a lot of people tend to shy away from. At the end of the day its people that have put us in the position we are and we’re very grateful.

SR: Who are you excited to see play at Download?

So Slayer, like this is it for them, their last tour so I’m pretty hyped to see that. Slayer was so fucking cool to me when I was a young skate punk and also it’s their last tour- I’m not saying that we are a part of it by any means but to be around them for their last tour- that’s pretty fucking cool. Our boys in The Amity Affliction, Joel is very, very dear to me so it will be good to see them and hang out. And then there is obviously Anthrax which is wild. My buddies in Rise Against and I think Ghost is so fucking cool so yeah!

SR: You are such an amazing performer from watching videos and previously seeing you with Letlive. Do you find that your energy is different on stage when you play a festival compared to playing smaller gigs?

Yeah I honestly try to make sure that it’s not! I try to make sure that I’m the same performer every single time. Sometimes I’m lucky, like if we were at a festival I’ve got more room or there are other pieces of the environment I can use for the show. I really try to make it a point to be the same performer everywhere I go whether it’s a basement, an arena, a festival – whatever it is. That to me is a sense of freedom wherever I am even if I’m restricted or in a position if I have to sort of fake my performance so it’s the same wherever I’m playing. I always set the standard for myself.

SR: You’ve launched your Walking In Their Shoes Foundation, something that really stood out to me when researching was the word Empathy, can you tell us a little bit about that?

Essentially WITSF is a place which is a really easy way to get involved with really serious issues. The thing about charity and change is that a lot of times there is really intimidating language when people are talking about charity or in efforts to make a larger change in a community, national, or international level. A lot of it seemed very overwhelming and intimidating but with this foundation I’m trying to create a space for people to get involved in a much easier way. Literally if you buy merchandise for the Add on you can choose a charity that we are aligning ourselves with for the trimester. So it revolves around charities with issues that we feel need to be focused on at the time. We offer information that is a lot easier to digest or more common than people may be used to. The empathy part of it is something that we are trying to make psychical with events where we partner with artists and people who have had an experience in the event issue at the time. We literally have people send in their shoes and their story and they can remain anonymous or they can identify themselves, but you can literally come to a display and read peoples stories and have them represented and basically have a voice in that moment with their shoes in front of you.

SR: Fever 333’s genre is rapcore which is a genre that you don’t see a lot of nowadays, what made you want to delve into it?

I think that hip hop has had a bit of a forefront in most artistic revolution or change. Hip hop to me is kind of number 1 for everything. So it was just kind of natural for me, and now I’m in a position where I can write with people who similarly value pop or punk, I’m able to write the music that would honour the amalgamation those things. I basically just love hip hop and love punk rock that’s why [laughs]

SR: If there was any song in the world you wished you’d written what would it be?

They Don’t Care About Us, that Michael Jackson song!


Catch Fever 333 At Download Festival + Side Show this March! 

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FEVER 333 Download Festival 2019 Sideshow

Pre-sale begins 10am Tuesday, 4th December

Tickets on sale to general public 12pm Wednesday, 5th December

Friday, 8th March
The Brightside, Brisbane
Tickets: Live Nation

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