Interview: Ed Guy’s Dirk Sauer Talks ‘Monuments’

German Metallers Edguy are celebrating their 25 years in music by releasing “Monuments”, a CD & DVD package with 22 of the band’s most iconic songs.

To find out more about the album, thanks to our good friend John Howarth from Nuclear Blast, we had the chance to speak to the band’s former member, guitarist Dirk Sauer, who also shared his thoughts about digital music, going back to the studio to revisit old songs and much more.

SR. Congratulations on 25 years of great music!

DS. Thanks, it’s crazy, you look back at the very beginning and all you have are dreams and a bunch of papers with unfinished lyrics. Now, we have like 10 studio albums and we are celebrating our silver anniversary. Music is so great!

SR. How was going back to the studio and re-record some old tracks? How long did you guys take?

DS. To be honest, it did not take us long time. It was more of a matter of deciding what songs will be included, pulling them all together and do some individual songwriting for the new tracks.

Most of the recording was done between February and March. The guitars were easier to do, as most of it I did it from home.

SR. One of the things that make Edguy stand out, is the artwork you guys use for every release featuring the Jester and “Monuments” is no different. How do you guys come up with the designs?

DS. Honestly, this one deserved a special thing, as usually when bands do compilations or things like that, the album covers are most of the time collages of previous artworks. We decided that 25 years of career needed something very special, so we found this Hungarian artist who took on the Jester and put it on top of some tombs that represent past releases as a way to show that we are still here and not even thinking in stopping creating music.

If you look closely, you will notice a lot of familiar elements on each one of the tombs.

SR. What’s your favourite song on the “Monuments” album?

DS. It is impossible for me to pick one, as every single one of them have lyrics that are so personal. I like the ones that speak about death but in a funny way, I like the lyrics on “Lavatory Love Machine” for example and our new song “Ravenblack” too. As you can see it is so hard to pick. Every day a different song can be my favourite one.

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SR: And as a guitarist, which one is the one you enjoy the most to play live?

DS. As far as the fans have fun, I don’t care (laughs). There are always ones that make the people going crazier than others, like “The Piper Never Dies” and “King of Fools”.

SR. Nowadays, rock music seems to be getting into a more experimental area. Look at the latest Linkin Park album “One more light” for example. It sounds nothing like their first release and it’s more like an R&B album. What’s your take on the current rock music scene?

DS. I haven’t heard their new album, but to be honest if they or other bands want to go for something different, good for them! I respect that.

Personally, I’m just happy to be part of the whole metal scene. I believe the most important thing is to be good to your fans and deliver effort and quality to them.

“…What freaks me out, is when people brings weird stuff to get signed…”

The rock scene is struggling now, because of things like Spotify is killing us, is killing the physical format. I don’t feel metal and rock in general are really suitable for a digital format, as the sound is way to clean and lack that Vinyl type of sound full of nostalgia. Also I, myself struggle to pick something to listen to while on Spotify or any other online music library, as there are too many artists and albums there. That’s why If I want to listen to Whitesnake I just go to my own collection of CDs and I pick any of their albums.

I truly miss going out and buying a record, and have that feeling when you are waiting for the doors of the record shop to open and be the first to grab the latest AC/DC or Van Halen album, and listening to them over and over again. I really dislike this whole mp3 generation.

SR. When Edguy is gonna hit Down Under?

DS. We have been dying to go. But logistically is so hard to go there, as the plane tickets are expensive and the trip is quite long, plus all the craziness involving a tour in a remote place, like getting the numbers right to book venues and fill them out. However, I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t be long before we go there. You Australians are one of the nicest people I’ve ever meet, and it has been way too long.

SR. Can you share with us any funny story while on the road?

DS. It’s always funny and kind of weird to sing body parts. I remember this particular tour, while in Canada I decided to only sign body parts, and I think I’ve never signed so many boobs in my life (laughs).

What freaks me out, is when people brings weird stuff to get signed, like plush toys and even drivers licenses.

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SR. Just to finish. Do you have any message for the Edguy Australian fans?

DS. Thanks to you all for being so loyal and patient. I know it has been a long time, but we are hoping to play there in the near future. We hope to have another 25 years to create music for you guys.

Monuments is out now