Interview: David Ramsey Talks ‘Arrow’

Thanks to Oz-Comic Con, we had the chance to have a great chat with Arrow star David Ramsey ahead of Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2018.

Mr. Ramsey , was cool enough to share with us about his time on Dexter as well as giving us some hints about what to expect from Arrow Season 7.

SR. Hi David, are you enjoying Melbourne?

DR. Yes, I’m loving it here. It is cold and the sun is nowhere to be seen, but this city is beautiful and the people is super friendly.

SR. What are you most looking forward to do at Oz Comic-Con?

DR. I always talk to Stephen (Amell) about these type of events. Because you know, we work shooting the show about 10-14 hours a day, then we go home and rest, and then we do it again, so conventions are the place where we are able to meet the fans, because they are the ones who make the show possible. It is very important for us to finally get close to them, talk and hear what they have to say. I’m beyond excited to do that tomorrow at the event and during the whole weekend.

SR. Let’s talk a bit of your time on Dexter, before going full on Arrow. What can you tell us about your time on the show, and your relationship with Michael C. Hall?

DR. I loved it. Dexter was a bit different than arrow as we had table reads each time, so I always started by reading the last page to see if my character dies (laughs).

Michael (C. Hall) was great, very humble, and a huge talented actor. I mean, nobody could ever imagine Dexter been played by somebody else after seen the show, and that’s because Michael owned the character and put one of the best performances I ever ever seen.

I enjoyed working with him, and seen him acting while I was of camera was a unique experience as well. I’ve nothing but respect for him, and I’m so happy he is doing other TV series now.

SR. Moving to Arrow now. How did the cast reacted when (Spoiler alert) you guys found out a beloved character like Captain Lance was exiting the series after at the end of season 6?

DR. We were shocked and sad to see Paul (Blackthorne) leaving the show. He was one of the three original cast members from the pilot remaining on the show, so it’s now only Stephen Amell and myself.

“…Oliver’s time in prison will be hard, and many things will happen while there….”

The ending of season 6 was unreal, it was intense and I believe it was a good way to bid farewell to Paul’s character. However, the producers are quite clever, because when an actor is set to leave or die in the series, they tell the actor in advance, but won’t tell us, so the actor has time to prepare for that, while for us comes as a shock, that actually help us to express our emotions better while shooting, so when we found out we asked Paul about how he was and he said, “hey, I knew like 3 months ago!” (laughs).

It’s always sad to see a colleague leaving, but I’m glad Paul already got a part in another series.

SR. Season 6 was a massive roller-coaster. (Spoilers ahead) The team got divided, Oliver went to Jail, Diggle is now working at Argus and Quentin Lance died. What can we expect from Season 7?

DR. I wish I could tell you (laughs). I saw the script for the first episode of season 7 as is amazing. This season  will probably be one of the biggest and most ambitious to date.

We now had a show-runner of the series who will be taking the role full time, and her vision for the show is superb, I’m sure she will take it to the next level.

Oliver’s time in prison will be hard, and many things will happen while there.

Regarding my character, I can only share with you that he is still working at Argus with Lyla, and teaming up with the others once in a while to take down Diaz once for all. But, many things happen, there are some huge twists that nobody saw coming. It’s so good…I’m so sad I cannot tell you more.

SR. One thing we do know about the new season is that in the new crossover, we will finally get a hint at the Batman universe, as Batwoman is set to debut. What do you know about it?

DR. I know as much as you to be honest. However, I’m really excited to find out what’s going on, as I’m curious about where does Gotham city is in this universe we created, and get to know about Bruce Wayne and what will be the take on the whole Batman legend, because you know there have been some hints at it during all the series, but finally get to see something about it is just awesome.

SR. Speaking about the crossovers in general. What has been your favourite moment so far?

DR. Marrying Oliver and Felicity of course. I just loved it, to finally seem them together and being married by me, was a highlight, especially because I’d nothing to do during that episode, and being randomly taken by The Flash just for that, was super fun and clever as well.

SR. Just to finish. What has been the funniest moment while on the Arrow set?

DR. Impossible to pick one, but I can tell you that every single time with John Barrowman around was hilarious, he is just the funniest guy ever, and also a great actor. He would come out with the funniest things on and off set.

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