Interview: Dan Flint From You Me At Six


British rockers You Me At Six are heading back Down Under alongside Australia’s Tonight Alive in September, to play their first headline tour in support of their new album Cavalier Youth.

Thanks to Soundwave Touring, we had a chance to speak with the band’s drummer, Dan Flint, about the tour, making the new album, being featured on the latest Fifa game, and much more.

SR. You guys will be coming to Australia soon to play with Tonight Alive . How are you guys getting ready for the tour?

you-me-at-six-tonight-alive-australian-tour 2014DF. We’ve been doing a lot this festival season, this summer. Flying in and out of European countries playing different countries. Belguim, Holland, Austria and Latvia, Poland and all these crazy places. Eastern Europe.

We’ve got the Reading and Leeds festival which is going to absolutely incredible. Can’t wait to play that. It always a favourite festival to do. Its sort of like a hometown festival. Then we’ve got a couple of day off then we are off to Asia, Singapore, Phillipines, couple of day off there to have a bit of a relax , then we come out to Australia. So we’ve been touring all summer basically. Got some rehearsals tomorrow and shall be writing a set for Australia. We are well rehearsed; We’ve played a lot of shows recently. We are already good friends with Tonight Alive . We’ve been on the Warped tour with them, they came out and supported us on our headline tour us in the U.S so I think it will be like friends coming back together

SR. The guys from Tonight Alive say that you are one of the biggest influences for them. Now you are touring together so how do you bands get along?

DF. We get along really good with them. The first time we met them was on Warped tour in the US. We sort of became friends with them purely because of the fact that there was a lot of Americans on the US tour obviously and we were English and they’re Australian and we felt like we had a bit of a connection.

We were the outsiders who weren’t American. The Commonwealth thing came into it. We felt like we were from similar places cause England and Britain have got that connection with Australia .We like the same things, we used to go out and play football together, hang out having a few beers , listening to some music. It was very easy to become good friends with them.

SR. That’s cool man. Compared to previous tours, like touring with Paramore, what can Australian fans expect that’s different from previous tours?

DF.  This will be the first headline tour that we’ve done since releasing Cavalier Youth, our latest album, so we will have the opportunity to play new songs and will throw in some old ones as well. Some that we’ve never played before in Australia which will be really fun. Some golden oldies and were going to make sure it’s a really good set. It just flows nicely, there’s a lot of audience participation. People are up on their feet the whole time, singing along. It’s a set where the crowd feels really involved with the band. Australia’s usually one of the best places we play.

SR. In the Cavalier Youth album, the lead single ‘Lived a Lie’, was featured in one of the FIFA games. So I was wondering if you are a soccer fan?

DF.  Yeah we are huge soccer fans. We are playing FIFA all the time especially when we are on tour. We are always in the back lounge of the bus or make sure we have a copy of the game.

[embedvideo id=”VxldtR106Sg” website=”youtube”]

We’ve got to go to some events that FIFA put on . We ended up meeting the people from EA sports who make the game and we basically said: “look we absolutely love the game , we are always playing it, always talking about it , PLEASE one day considering putting us on it”. So the last FIFA game that came out they put us on it. It was a great day and we were really proud of it. We play it now and our song comes on and its really cool to hear it

“We want everyone in the room to have an amazing time so we will play some of the new and play a few from every album.”

SR. That’s awesome man. What team do you support?

DF.  I support Manchester United

You_Me_at_Six_-_Cavalier_Youth coverSR. From the Cavalier Youth album which is your favourite song and why?

DF.  It changes but at the moment I think I’m really enjoying playing Forgive and Forget. Because we’ve been doing festivals its quite a festival sounding song. There’s some big parts of the song where the crowd gets involved. It goes down really well and I’m quite excited to play it at Reading and Leeds festival cause its going to be one of the highlights of the set. Its different from us.

SR. How many songs are you planning to include on the setlist from the new album?

DF.  It’s going to be old songs and new songs . We don’t like it when bands release a new album and they only play songs off that new album. We play all the songs that people want to hear. Some may not have even bought the new album yet or heard it. We want everyone in the room to have an amazing time so we will play some of the new and play a few from every album.

SR. Being the first headline tour in Australia with Tonight Alive, is there any chance of the two bands jamming onstage together or playing any Australian rock classic, like ACDC?

DF.  I Dunno really. Haven’t thought about it. Once we get on tour and get into sound check, I’m sure there would be a few days they’d come out and jam a few songs with us and we jam a few songs with them. Whether or not we do while the audience is there while the actual shows going on I’m not sure. I’m sure there will be a few moment when we are messing around before the doors open. Usually happens on tour

SR. Even Bruce Springsteen did it last time It was pretty cool and unexpected

DF.  Yeah it was cool, really cool.

SR. Do you have any funny or weird story involving a fan with the band that you could share with us?

DF. We’ve had a few strange experiences with fans. One of the coolest places we’ve ever been is Japan. I think it’s because of the fans. It’s not because of one individual fan. As a group of fans they’re a very polite people.

“We don’t like it when bands release a new album and they only play songs off that new album.”

Your playing a song live and they’re going absolutely crazy, they’re going nuts, jumping around, and as soon as you finish the song, they stand still and they’re dead silent and the room, you could drop a pin in the room and be able to hear it. Its dead silent cause they have this respect thing that they want to hear every single word that you say. But for us on stage it just seems so wrong that its so quiet in the room and its really weird. It’s such a strange experience to have. Its great to see a different culture

SR. Do you guys have any pre-show routine?

DF. Yeah we do. We get into a huddle, us five and we talk about everything that going on. We talk about what we are doing for the set, remind each other about moments Say if the day before there was a couple of things that went wrong, we will talk about that and say make sure you do this, this and this. Then we will have a joke around, sing a song , or just make jokes at each other and just be stupid. Get everyone pumped up for the show. Make sure the energy levels are really high before walking out on stage basically.

SR. Would you like to send a message to your Australian fans?

DF. Thanks to everyone that’s coming out to the tour really. It’s making it such a huge success. Australia is one of my favourite places to come in the world and we can’t wait to come back so see you in a couple of weeks.



*For Brisbane ticket holders there will be limited free shuttle buses running from the city to the venue and returning after the show. More details to follow!