Interview: Chris Jericho Talks 2018 Australian Tour

WWE Superstar, Podcaster and Rockstar Chris Jericho is heading back Down Under with his band Fozzy for a full headline tour to promote their latest album Judas.

Once again thanks to our good friend John Howarth of Nuclear Blast, we had the chance to chat with Y2J himself to find out more about this new tour in “Fozztralia”.

SR. Hey Chris, always great chatting to you! How is everything going?

CJ. Hi dude, all going pretty cool here, the tour is going great and we cannot wait to go back to Australia to play some new tracks for you guys.

SR. What can we expect about the Judas Rising tour Down Under?

CJ. It has been like 5 years since the last time we went there, that’s far too long! In this tour, I feel the band is in a new level, we have been getting better and better, and gaining so much experience. You will notice how much energy we put every night…it’s gonna be fun!

SR. One of the most surprising things in the Judas album is the song ‘Three Days In Jail’ as you guys include some rapping on it. What drove you to experiment with a mix of genres?

CJ. We kind of hap some rapping before, but this time we got Hydro da Hero to help us and we are super happy with the final product. WE like mixing sounds, and now seems like the right to do…for us it’s important to try new things and not stick to the same sound over and over again, otherwise we’ll be stuck and become a very generic band.

SR. We love the Talk is Jericho Podcast, especially because you have so many different topics, from WWE, music crimes to even some supernatural themes. Just wondering who is in your bucket-list to have in the show?

CJ. Paul McCartney is my top choice alongside the Stones…just imagine how many stories they could share and also they are a massive inspiration for me.

SR. A personal favourite episode is the one with Sebastian Bach at his place. Any chance to o another episode with Sebastian?

CJ. Sebastian is a great guy, he is super funny and very open, he loves vinyls, that’s why during that episode he keeps moving all around to show me some of his old school records. He is just a great dude, and would love to have another episode with him is given the chance.

SR. Going back to the Australian tour. Are you guys sticking to a set-list or would you include tracks that maybe you haven’t played in a while? 

CJ. We have a base of songs that are pretty much the spine of the set. But we like to improvise, maybe play something a bit different depending on the show.

“… A good match for Wrestlemania would be against The Rock and Rey Mysterio.”

There are some songs we would like to play again, like Under Blackened Skies or Shine Forever, but because you are promoting a new record it’s hard to fit them in.

We have some days off between dates during the tour, so there is time to prepare some surprises. I love Australia, we always get good inspiration there.

SR. Tell me about your experience in the Japanese Wrestling. That match between you and Kenny Omega was unreal! Does the Japanese wrestling allows you to fit in more with your Fozzy agenda?

CJ. Japan style is different, It’s a bit more physical and Kenny Omega is a great athlete. It was a great match. I love the fact I did it, so I can say that “I did it”….Japanese wrestling focus on giving people a real shot.

I’d probably won’t have another match in a while, as my focus is my band and the WWE, plus some other personal projects.

SR. Just to finish. I’ve a question from a die-hard fan: Who would you say has been your biggest rival in the ring and who would you like to face off in Wrestlemania?

CJ. Shawn Michaels…so far my biggest rival. A good match for Wrestlemania would be against The Rock and Rey Mysterio.

FOZZY Judas Rising Australian & NZ Tour Dates:

Wednesday 7th November AUCKLAND The Studio

Friday 9th November MELBOURNE Max Watts

Saturday 10th November SYDNEY Manning Bar

Tuesday 13th November ADELAIDE The Gov

Wednesday 14th November BRISBANE The Triffid

 Tickets: On Sale Wednesday 27th June at 9:00am