Interview: Brandan Schieppati of Bleeding Through

We had the chance to catch up with Brandan Schieppati, singer of American metalcore band Bleeding Through. We talked about their upcoming album Life Will Kill All and their new music video for Set Me Free.

SR. Hey, how are ya?

I’m great thanks, just on a treadmill.

SR. Working hard then, and keeping fit at the same time, you must be at your gym today then?

Yeah, I own “Rise Above All Fitness”, I’m usually here for about twelve hours a day.

SR. Handy for keeping fit for all your upcoming gigs… You’re gonna be in Adelaide on July 25th at Fowlers with Make Them Suffer and Boris The Blade. What a line up!

It’s gonna be awesome. Those bands are blowing up down there!

SR. You must be keen for Life Will Kill All to be released on May 25th too huh?

We’re looking forward to it, it’s been a while since we’ve done something, it felt good to kick back in the studio and we were a bit more free and clear headed. We had a really good mindset heading into this record. When the band was touring full time and we brought out previous records, there was just so much stress. We were getting into our mid-thirties and starting families, while trying to tour and make records, it was a bit too crazy. In the music industry, money is a big factor. It’s not something that gets talked about a lot, but it’s a huge part of the industry. There’s six guys in the band, and we were making a liveable wage, but it was getting harder and harder. So yeah, it feels good to have this new record, without those outside stresses effecting the process. We wrote it purely because we wanted to write music.

SR. Sounds a lot more chilled, and probably delivered a better result. Do you think that this record is a bit stronger because you had that laid back approach?

I think so, yeah. I think because it was a more laid back approach, we didn’t really feel the pressure of writing anything other than what we wanted to write. That was important for us, and I think it’s important for most bands. If you can go into a record with a clear mindset, you can write the best record that you can, and be the best bands that you can be. When we went into this record, our number one goal was to just get a record out, goal number two was to play some shows and re-establish ourselves on stage. That’s the way we went about it. Being in a band can be tough, so we just wanted to be in the moment, and enjoy every moment. Music is a form of expression, and it’s much easier to express yourself when you’re stress free.

SR. Your last release before this was The Great Fire which came out in 2012, what have you guys been up to since then?

Well I started working as a personal trainer in 2008, I did that when I was home from tour. Eventually I had the opportunity to open my own gym, and I really saw a need in the fitness industry for a gym that is a bit different, a bit more focused around music. Most gyms don’t really have much atmosphere, but I wanted to create a place that was a good environment. The others have also been more focused on careers and goals other than the band, and starting families. I think we have just taken some time to step back from the craziness and sort out our home lives. Now that we’re settled again, we can get back into it and have a much more positive experience.

SR. What music is normally on the playlist at Rise Above All Fitness?

Well right now Palisades is playing, before that was Underoath, and this morning a couple of my workout groups were binging on Breaking Benjamin.

SR. So it’s all heavier stuff? More for the metal heads?

It’s not always heavy in here, we just kind of go with whatever the clientele want. Sometimes it will be a bit of an older crowd so we tone it down a bit for them. We keep it mostly rock and metal music, with sometimes a little EDM thrown in.

SR. Have you got any cool memories from last time you were on tour with Make Them Suffer and Boris the Blade?

It’s kind of funny, the first time we met them they were kind of scared of us. I remember walking up to them and being like, we’re just normal people, we’re not that scary. We’re probably the biggest dorks you’ll ever meet, so don’t be intimidated by us.

SR. Why were they scared of you?

I guess we look a bit tough and scary. They didn’t talk to us at all at first so we went and broke the ice.

*laughs* You’re approaching the twenty year anniversary of the band, do you guys have anything special planned?

We might do a special release, we still have some unreleased tracks and some covers, so I think we’ve got something in the works for the celebration. Even though we did take almost five years off, we were still writing and had it in the back of our minds. When you put it all together, twenty years is a fucking long time. It makes me feel really old!

SR. What were your inspirations for the new album?

Music is my expression of the emotions that I’ve been through. For me, the biggest struggle over the past five years has been coping with my Bipolar Disorder. It’s something I’ve had since I was fourteen, and I kept it a secret. So now that I’ve come forward with that, a lot of the songs are about how my brain and my mind works. There’s been a lot of self-reflection, and a lot of our songs are about the little hardships I’ve been through.

SR. Have you got a favourite track off the new album?

I think ‘Fade Into The Ash’ is my favourite track. It’s got some really cool black metal and heavy elements in it.

New album LOVE WILL KILL ALL out 25th May 2018 on Sharptone Records

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