Interview: Andrew W.K. Talks Australian Tour

By Jonathan Matthews

We caught up with American Singer-Songwriter Andrew W.K. ahead of his upcoming Australian tour. We chatted about his new album ‘You’re Not Alone’, and some of his life experiences as well as discussed what it’s like writing jingles and living with his notorious ‘party’ outlook on life.

SR. Hey Andrew, it’s great to have you on the line man. I’m speaking to you from Australia, I’ve heard you’re coming over here with your band for a tour soon?

Yeah. I mean, I’m not sure why it’s called a tour since there’s only two shows, I wish it was more.

SR. Well there’s a lot of fans that are hungry to see you, I’m sure there will be quite a few that travel a fair way to attend your shows.

That’s asking a lot. Australia is a very vast country, it’s so far from city to city. In a way, it’s somewhat of an even trade, or a spirit of solidarity in those travel distances. We, as a band, are travelling quite a distance to get there, but I would never expect anyone to do that. It’s good motivation to come back and play in the other cities that we don’t have the chance to play this time!

‘Live until you die’ is my motto…

SR. You’ve had a series of new music videos that have been released, can fans anticipate any more in the near future?

I appreciate you asking actually, it’s perfect timing. I’m attempting to film a new music video, which will be the third music video from the new album ‘You’re not alone’. I’m trying to get that done before I come to Australia, hopefully it will be out just before my shows in Australia.

SR. Could you give a little more insight into the video?

I haven’t made it yet, but I want to make it the partiest video that I can. It’s a common theme for our videos, so this will be no exception.

SR. A lot of your work is themed around partying, what makes a good party for you?

Well, it’s nothing in particular. You need to be a general as possible, so as to diminish the possibility of being disappointed. You should go in with no expectations and a determination to enjoy every type of situation. Our guitar player Erik Payne always says, whenever we were facing a difficult situation on the road or some unexpected stressful circumstances, he’d say “Hey, this is whatever we want it to be.

We have to get from this point in time to the show at the end of the day, and we’re going to get there, but how we feel about the process along the way is up to us”. I’ve always really admired that state of mind, and it can be easier said than done. That’s the party mind set to a tee. Even if something is totally illogical or irrational, we should celebrate every aspect of being alive. It’s important to accept that with the good, there will always be bad, whether we want there to be or not, and no matter how much we resent those struggles, you need to find a way to celebrate how they makes us grow, and appreciate the rewarding moments. Have a party everyday about the chance we have to be alive.

SR. Very well said. You’ve previously had some appearances on TV shows and even radio jingles, are you going to be doing anything like that whilst over in Australia?

That’s a great question. I always assume that what makes it onto radio or TV in one part of the world will always make its way to every other part of the world because of the beauty of the internet, but some things can end up being isolated to certain areas. There have been appearances in videos in Australia that have never made it to any other part of the world, that you can’t even find online unless you find a bootleg copy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I can’t say I have anything to announce right now, but I can say stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled, because there are some exciting events coming up quite soon!

SR. Awesome man. You’ve got the new album out now, ‘You’re not Alone’, so what’s next?

‘Live until you die’ is my motto. This life as a creative can be extremely unpredictable, and I usually try to set out plans, but often end up discarding them for opportunities that are much better, opportunities that I never would have dreamed of. I try to keep things fairly open, aside from that, as I said, I’m going to keep going, I’m more motivated than ever before. In a strange sense, it feels almost like a fresh start.

At times that can be discouraging, because I think “What was I doing for these last twenty years if now is just the beginning?” But really, those past years were preparing me for whatever I’m going to do next. I try to give all that I can to any opportunity, I feel lucky that I’ve been able to do so many things in my life. That makes me feel the need to spread the message of partying, and of living every moment of life, and I push that message as hard as I can.

You can catch Andrew W.K. in Melbourne or Sydney! Follow him on social media or his website to keep up to date with his adventures, and grab yourself some tickets to his show! And for people interstate, trust me. It’ll be worth the travel.