Exclusive Interview with Steve-O: “The entirely too much information Tour”

Stunt genius and comedian Jackass’ superstar Steve-O had a nice chat with Spotlight Report about his upcoming tour in Australia.

Here check out our interview:

What can you tell Aussie fans about the show? What can you promise them? I don’t know men; I can pretty much promise that if you like Jackass you will like my show. You know,  I was kind of nervous about, this is my first theater shows on this tour, I just been doing comedy clubs, now  I’m doing big theaters and I was kind of nervous about it, so what I did was really plug back more stunts, I make the show crazier and I added more stunts. NZ was my first show and I was ready to put my show through hell and it was really a good show. Everyone, pretty much liked it.

Do you change your routine depending of the country or the city you are in or is the same routine? Yes maybe a little bit, like mmm, yeah depends where I’m at. But I know what to say about Melbourne tomorrow.

Speaking generally, which has been the most extreme stunt you have ever done? I don’t know men, is tough to say. I think the craziest thing was having Ryan Dunn choked me unconscious 6 times in a row, was pretty bad. Another time I injected 5 ounces of vodka in my arm through an IV. Another time I jumped out from an airplane without parachute into the ocean.

Any new TV show or a new Jackass movie coming soon? Yes, Jackass 3.5. Here in Australia Jackass was massive, even bigger than some blockbusters. Yeah I know in Australia per capita was much more than in America.

One of your trademarks is the tattoo that you have in your back of yourself. Can you tell us the story behind that?  How did you come up with this idea? It’s not much of a story behind it. When Jackass started as a television show everyone was outraged because children will be watching it as a television show, and then children started to getting hurt trying to copy Jackass, so there was a lot of outrage and a lot of pressure to make Jackass not so crazy, because everybody want it Jackass to be not so crazy anymore, that’s why Johnny Knoxville quits, he said “if is not crazy is not Jackass and I quit”.

So then, that’s why the idea came to me, Jackass the movies because with a movie you can give it a rating, like a restricting rating that will prevent children from going to the movie theatres to see it. So that was the only way than Jackass can continue and still be crazy, but once we started to make the movies, then the director told us “Hey now it’s a movie, now it must be even crazier, now it’s gotta be bigger, it’s gotta be more spectacular” so the director told us, he said, “from now on, because it’s a movie, no more out-past bullshit, I don’t want any more half-past ideas I want everything big and spectacular” , alright, so I thought,  ok if we want big what about if I get myself tattooed on myself bigger than myself?  Trustfully, I tell you now, he thought it was the dumbest idea ever, that’s why he wants it to happen. He just though OMG what a bad idea, and then he said yes sure, we will do that!

For example this fan, who has your face tattooed in her arm, How do you feel about that? It’s a little bit weird you know. Part of me when I see a person with a tattoo of me or my name or something, the first thing I think is I’m not a really big deal, in a couple of years they will see it and they will say why I have that?, he laughs. But I don’t know, it tells me not to get carried away with my importance, and it tells me that I don’t have to feel like I’m not important.

I’m not considering myself as big deal you know, I just do some silly stuff, I like to think that the work I do its design to make people’s problems go away for a little while. When I entertain people my goal is make them stop thinking about their problems or whatever they have, I’m a distraction therapist.

Where do you find inspirations for all this stunts? Ideas come from different things, sometimes I have a dream and I wake up the next day and I think wow! What happened in the dream was a good idea.

And lastly, will you be meeting fans before and after the show? Yes! I’ll do it after every show.

So there you go people!  Here are the dates for his tour:

May 16, 2011,  Palais Theatre – Melbourne – Buy Tickets here

May 17, 2011, Thebarton Theatre – Adelaide – Buy Tickets here

May 19, 2011, Concert Hall – Perth – Buy Tickets here

May 21, 2011, Enmore Theatre – Sydney – Buy tickets here

May 24, 2011,  Tivoli Theatre – Brisbane – Buy tickets here

All tickets $69.90 (transaction fee may apply)

Here, check below the message he left for his Australian fans!

“The entirely too much information Tour” is A MUST GO SHOW! and don’t forget to check out Steve-O’s official website here and our note of Steve-O’s dinner with fans here in Sydney!