Review: Soundwave 2015 Sydney Day 1

After an entertaining weekend in Adelaide, Soundwave was back in Sydney on the 28/02/2015 to give us the onslaught of talent for us to enjoy, and enjoy, we did!

Even with the sun’s heat beating down on patrons, it didn’t stop them from seeing and going all out hard for bands such as Faith No More, Soundgarden, Gerard Way, Lamb of God, Atreyu– just to name a slight few

The day started off with King Parrot– already shirtless at 12pm, showing us where the metal was. They set the standard high with an energy inducing show for both them and the audience. For early in the day the crowd weren’t holding back and giving it their all.

2K0A8050The Treatment gave a total rock star performance, bringing their AC/DC inspired Heavy Metal all the way from Cambridge to a crowd who lost their minds during “Drink, F*ck, Fight”. A very lively show with the bassist Rick Newman, nearly falling off the stage and all the band members constantly moving and reacting to one another.

Nothing More came out with fists pumping, blowing us away with singer Johnny Hawkins strong vocals. Mixing it up with a foot powered drum platform, guitars being played with teeth and a bass holding contraption, they confused and amazed their fans with three people playing the one instrument through finger tapping, slides and even hitting it with beaters to create an amazing instrumental piece.

Pop-Punk band- Fireworks didn’t seem to mind that they played to a small crowd with their loyal fans making up for the space, joining along with clapping and singing along to their tracks “Detroit” and “Run, Brother, Run”.

0M7A8511It was great to see a couple of female fronted bands such as the Interrupters– a ska band who referred to the crowd as “a classy bunch” and talking about the alcohol laws in Australia as interludes between the audience constantly skanking along to the music.

Icon for Hire was a standout performance. Front woman Ariel gives Haley Williams a run for her money. It was engaging to watch her interact with the other band members, hear her belt and rap effortlessly, see her respond to crowd inclusion such as giving away one of their shirts and bring theatrics with a hospital gown worn throughout their fused track “Think I’m Sick/ Get Well”.

Headliners Soundgarden gave the audience a chance to chill out after a long day of going hard. Throughout their set it was a continuous sea of claps and howls of whistles to follow the reverbed guitar riffs and singer Chris Cornell’s passionate vocals that bellowed through the stadium, being accompanied with visuals of moons, triangles and of course, their DSC_8422logo on the backdrop screen behind them. “Black Hole Sun” had the crowd swaying, slowly head banging and singing a long in unison which gave the arena a contented vibe before moving onto a heavier song “Birth Ritual” to fire the crowd up again.

After following the rush to get to the other stage, Faith No More began with the whole audience in the palm of their hands. Encouragement of audience participation was not needed as they all sang along anyway, even singer Mike Patton was surprised when he stopped singing and let the audience just go for it. It was hit after hit, starting with their new song “Motherfucker”, then Caffeine and straight onto Ricochet- before even addressing the audience. “Epic”- was Epic, and they even mixed it up a little with renditions of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “Easy”. If we could mention every special moment of Faith No More’s Sydney performance, the whole set list would be on there!

Enjoy some killer snaps from day 1 below: