Review: Marilyn Manson Live @ The Enmore, Sydney 2015

On Tuesday 25th February the iconic Enmore Theatre dressed in black to receive the legendary ‘Marilyn Manson‘ supported by ‘Deathstars‘ and ‘Apocalyptica‘ as part of the 2015 sidewaves.

DSC_4757The intimate show started with Swedish band ‘Deathstars‘ around 7pm with the only mission of warm up for the Antichrist that subdues for a killer night. The rockers played for a short period but they filled the small venue with their energetic tunes “Death dies hard”, “Blitzkrieg” and “Metal”. The enthusiastic crowd rocked every song, giving a hint of what will be expected this weekend in Sydney and Brisbane when they play Soundwave.

After a short break ‘Apocalyptica‘ shows on stage making the audience going crazy. The talented cellists showed their unique set of skills playing faster and louder heavy metal with a short set that combined instrumental songs with songs from their latest album interpreted by their touring singer Franky Perez. The highlight of their performance was by far Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ with the audience becoming James Hetfield by singing loudly all the lyrics making the Enmore tremble.

DSC_4876After fixing some minimal technical problems around 9:40pm the lights went off and the small theatre became a true cemetery filled with fog in order to welcome the Antichrist in the form of The Pale Emperor unleashing the carnage among his followers who were greeted by their ruler with the song “Deep Six”, followed by “Disposable Teens”, ‘mOBSCENE” and “No Reflection” just to name a few.

Mr. Manson seemed to be feeling the strong Sydney vibe as he was very talkative with the crowd and making constant jokes to the audience, especially to a ‘half naked man’ in the audience and a crazy fan who jumped on stage. The later, was referred by him as possessed by Jesus and was forced to kneel before him in order to be healed, just right before she was taking away by security.

DSC_5156Marilyn Manson performed like back in the day with three changes in makeup through his set. He used a wide variety of artefacts like a massive knife as a microphone to sing “Killing Strangers” from his latest album The Pale Emperor, while stabbing a tambourine that later on was thrown to the audience. Moreover, He sang the iconic “Sweet Dreams (are made of this)” with a light pointing to his face surrounded by darkness. Furthermore, he changed his clothing though the songs according with his vast discography but always in black.

The almost 70 minutes set played by Manson was closed with two encores that include Manson‘s iconic hit “The Beautiful People” and “The Irresponsible Hate Anthem” from the same album (Antichrist Superstar) with his malevolence singing his soul out like in the nineties making that a perfect way to farewell all the creatures of the night back to their graves.

God bless The Pale Emperor!

Enjoy some pictures of the night below: