Review: Killer Be Killed & Lamb of God live @ The Metro, Sydney 2015

On the 26th of February, Sydney’s CBD trembled as the iconic Metro Theatre transformed into the official metal hotspot, now hosting its second Soundwave Festival Sidewave presentation, this time featuring heavy metal supergroup sensation, Killer Be Killed, and the mighty Lamb of God.

1-killer-be-killed-sydney-2015At around 7:30pm, an army of metalheads quickly packed the intimate venue in order to welcome Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy), Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) and Troy Sanders (Mastodon), who performed their first ever Sydney show as Killer Be Killed. And the band did not disappoint. The whole shebang started like a metal hurricane, with ‘Fire to Your Flag’ unleashing a frenzy in the moshpit from the very outset. Much of this was also thanks to a very charismatic Greg Puciato, who jumped, climbed onto speakers, kicked the drums, and even crowdsurfed (twice!) around the theatre, while singing simultaneously.

greg-puciato-moshingMastodon’s Troy Sanders, on the other hand, adds unique vocals to the mix, which balance Puciato’s crazy punk rock stylings, and Cavalera’s heaviness. It was clear that the Soulfly frontman was enjoying every minute, interacting with the crowd and acting as the band’s MC, introducing his fellow bandmates and organising huge circle pits in the middle of the huge crowd. Of course, only the hardest metalheads ventured within, creating total carnage, yet always also taking care of each other.

Killer Be Killed changed the order of their Soundwave setlist for the Sidewaves; in both Sydney and Melbourne, they closed their shows with the instant classics, ‘Wings of Feather and Wax’ and ‘Snakes of Jehova’, leaving the crowd bowing to their new metal gods.

troy-sanders-killer-be-killed-sydney-2015This outfit is pure heavy metal heft: 3 unique voices, 3 unique styles, all combining to form one monster of a supergroup that must not be missed; and we hope to see them back Down Under soon with their own headliner shows.

At almost full-capacity, and even with a couple of members from Fear Factory in the audience, the Metro turned off the lights at around 9pm, inciting a headbanging extravaganza as the awesome Lamb of God hit the stage as loud as anticipated. The set included songs including ‘Desolation’, ‘Ruin’, ‘Now You’ve Got Something to Die For’ and ‘Black Label’, just to name a few.

Frontman, Randy Blythe, truly knows how to connect with his fans, moving around the stage during the entire set and singing his heart out, while whipping his wild mane like something possessed by the devil. Meanwhile, his fellow bandmates hit their instruments so hard that, at some moments, you wondered if the amps would explode.

lamb-of-god-sydney-2015Overall, this was a solid heavy-metal night. We personally felt that the opening act, Killer Be Killed, with their unmatched crowd chemistry and flawless set felt more like the headlining act. It’s little wonder that these metal overlords smashed the Australian charts with their eponymous debut album. With Lamb of God also completely satisfying their fans’ expectations, we would deem this sidewaves to be one of the best heavy metal co-headliner shows we’ve ever witnessed in Sydney.