On The Spot – Ziggy Marley Live in Sydney

The Metro Theatre is certainly one of Sydney’s best venues for that intimate gig, allowing the audience to get up close and personal with the artist. We were greeted by two DJs mixing up reggae beats to build atmosphere in anticipation for the main event – Ziggy Marley. The crowd was about 200 plus, all buzzing with anticipation, with reports that Ziggys’ gig at the Blues and Roots Festival was ‘magical’ to say the least.

The legacy of his father must have been a difficult one to live under but as Ziggy Marley strode onto the stage he is a man that no longer carries this weight or any expectation. As the chords of first song rang through the venue everyone found and instant groove or sway that seems to come naturally from Reggae and so that temperament remained throughout the rest of the evening.

They played a collection of his own and his fathers songs, Tomorrow People, Looks Who Dancing, Wild And Free, Raggae In My Head, Love Is My Religion and the song that got everyone doing a Reggae shuffle Is This Love.

Ziggy Marley is certainly his own man and certainly on his way to become a music icon himself.