On the Spot: Short Stack win Channel [V]’s Oz artist of the year 2010

Channel [V] announces the winner of the Oz artist of the year 2010.

After ten weeks and defeating fellow contenders Amy Meredith, John Butler Trio and Bliss N Eso the pop/rock teenage sensation band SHORT STACK won Channel [V] Oz Artist of the year for second time in their career.

The ceremony was held at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art on a hottest venue on Saturday November 27th at noon. Short Stack arrived by water taxi and they received the 30 kg award from a very excited 14-year-old voter, Dana Shearer, who won [V]’s competition to meet the winners. After that, Short Stack performed 4 songs as part of the special Guerilla Gig for fans, blasting through a set of songs from their latest album This Is Bat Country.

Spotlight Report had the opportunity to talk with Short Stack. We asked about how they feel about winning this competition, Shaun stated ” It’s pretty cool, we have won this award 2 years ago and we come second last year, so we made it this year, we come back with the vengeance” (laughs).

We stated that they defeated big contestants this year. So, how they feel about that? “It’s not much competition, we are all friends at the end of the day. Everyone it’s so nice, we are massive fans of Bliss N Eso and John Butler Trio“.

Short Stack is touring next year supporting Good Charlotte. Shaun replied “They have bugged as for ages! (laughs). We have met them a couple of times. They are the nicest dudes you have ever met.

What is next internationally for Short Stack? Andy said “We just came back from England recently  and probably we are heading back over there early next year and maybe do another show and see how it goes. Was the first time we played on England and we had fans waiting for us at the airport, I don’t know how they figure out in what flight we were, was really humbling and unexpected. Also, we are heading New Zealand January next year maybe, is not locked in yet..“.

One of the biggest fans on the gig, first-liner Christina made a question to Short Stack through Spotlight Report. She asked about some peculiar presents that she gave to them on Burwood meet and greet, superhero underwear!  They replied “The underwear we wear them every single night, yeah! we take them to bed”. Moreover, she asked Why Andy doesn’t eat sauce? He said “I’m not very adventurous, I don’t like to try different things and I don’t like the texture, so…I don’t know, maybe I would like the taste, but I don’t know.”

For more of Short Stack, here some images of the gig.