Nickelback Live @ AllPhones Arena, Sydney 2015

Nickelback…and better than ever!

One of the world’s most divisive bands, Nickelback returned to the Allphones arena on Friday night bringing a hefty dose of rock and roll to the Sydney shores.

In support on the Australian leg of the tour and for the European later in the year, is a band that celebrates the best of rock and roll, Monster Truck. Having released their hugely successful first album, ‘Furiosity’ in 2013, it has been a whirlwind of tours for the Canadian quartet having supported the likes of Slash, Alice in Chains and Deep Purple.

With such pedigree, it’s no surprise that they put in a stellar performance that really got the crowd in a great mood. Whether you knew them before the gig or not, catchy, soulful and classic rock tunes like ‘The Lion’, Psychics’ and ‘For the sun’, is a brutal introduction that will leave you wanting more. With a second album planned for later this year (possibly in September or October) this is a great rock band that you don’t want to miss if you have the chance.

5-nickelback-sydney-2015Whether you like them or loathe, there is no denying the popularity of Chad Kroeger and his fellow Nickelback members as they played to a nearly sold out audience. Their ability to churn out catchy tunes is almost unparalleled and with their No Fixed Address Tour, supporting their 8th studio album of the same name, being their 10th world tour – it’s impossible to argue their success.

With so much experience under their belts, the band has honed their ability to choose a track list that gets everyone in the mood to rock out and this time around is no exception starting with their hugely popular hit ‘Something In Your Mouth’ that clearly makes a statement for how ‘sexy’ the rest of the night will be.

This was quickly followed by other favourites ‘Photograph’ and ‘Hero’ to which Chad mused whilst introducing the track at how a song where the initial lyrics ‘I am so high I can hear heaven…’ made it into a children’s film. The sentiment seems genuine and is just one of the times Kroeger engages the enraptured Sydney audience – something that is unique to all of their shows as discussed earlier in the day in an interview with support act, Monster Truck, who explained they had learnt so much about performing having watched Nickelback during their time together.

With so many popular tracks and albums, you might wonder how the band would be able to put it all together in one show. But they deftly move from album to album ensuring that almost all of their most popular tracks get in on the act, whilst showcasing their new work like ‘She Keeps Me Up’, which demonstrates their versatility as the song has some serious funk origins and features vocals from Ali Tamposi – who is perhaps best known for co-writing Kelly Clarkson’s hit ‘Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).

10-nickelback-sydney-2015There were even a few covers thrown into the the mix with some working better than others like Bryan Adams’ ‘Summer of 69’ and ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles, which the crowd was encouraged to sing. Sadly most of the Sydney crowd didn’t seem to know the lyrics and the attempt flatlined the atmosphere for a split second before the band burst in massive hit ‘Rockstar’ saving the crowd from the awkwardness that was their attempt at karaoke.

The band closed with their groundbreaking hit (and our personal favourite) ‘How You Remind Me’ which signalled the end of gig and the band leaving the stage momentarily only to return with another cover, the Foo Fighters ‘Everlong’, which was a poor choice to follow one of their biggest hits. Sung by the band’s Ryan Peake, the song was a little too big for him to tackle alone and felt out of place amongst the rest of the set. Fortunately, they bounced back quickly with ‘Burn it to the Ground’ and was a fitting ending to what had been a great gig.

There was undoubtedly something in the air for this performance. Whether it was the fact that the band found out their new album had just gone platinum in Australia or that they just love Sydney as much as they say it doesn’t matter. What the show proved was that Nickelback is, and always will be, a force to be reckoned with and one that really doesn’t give a f**k if you like them or not. But it was clear that the 16,000 plus in attendance absolutely LOVED them and while they may be a guilty pleasure for some talked about in back alleys and chat rooms, what they reminded us is that sometimes the best pleasures in life are guilty ones.

Enjoy some snaps* from the show below:

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