Mondo Rock Live @ Eatons Hill Hotel – Brisbane 20/06/14

Back in July of 1981, Mondo Rock released their second album, Chemistry, which went on to hit No 2 on the Oz charts. Yielding a string of catchy yet sophisticated hits, Chemistry put the band squarely on the map and the rest, as they say, is history. The tour, in fact, celebrates precisely 33 1/3 years of history – or, if you’d prefer Ross Wilson’s own words from last night, the album is ‘33 frickin’ years old!’ Baby boomers featured prominently in the crowd at the Eatons Hill Hotel. And they were delighted to see the 80s radio darlings play every track from Chemistry, along with a string of other familiar tunes, the most notable of which was arguably Come Said the Boy. The band sounded as fresh as ever and it was tremendous fun to be transported back to the 80s for a couple of hours.

mondorock-brissy-2014Mondo lifers, Eric McKusker and Ross Wilson, led the band through a long but satisfying set, punctuated by a fairly lengthy intermission. McCusker fronted the band on his own number, Out the Window, which was also well received by the appreciative crowd.

For my money, the highlights of the night were tight, impressive versions of No Time, Cool World, State of the Heart, and Baby Wants to Rock. Good Advice, Primite Love Rites, A Touch of Paradise, and The Queen and Me also all had the crowd up dancing and busting their lungs singing along. A professional, yet understated, frontman, Wilson made the odd quip about their ‘monster’ 5-show reunion tour, such as: ‘Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne! Then we’ll get out of your lives again.’ Considering how great the guys sound live after their hiatus, and how many fans came out to bask in the glow of their many hits, I don’t expect it’ll be too long before they’ll hit the road again. At least, I hope not. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy a limited deluxe edition of Chemistry, which includes a double CD, 20-page booklet, bonus tracks, B-sides, previously unreleased demo versions and live recordings. You can grab that from Aztec Records for $30 here (link –àto hyperlink, Jorge) The remastered version is available on iTunes.

Mondo Rock are playing Perth’s Regal Theatre on Sunday, June 22nd, Sydney’s State Theatre on Saturday, June 27, and Melbourne’s Palais, on Saturday, June 28th.

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