Live Review: Iggy Pop @ Sydney Opera House 2019

As a European, taking pictures in an iconic building like the Opera House is something quite remarkable. It was my first time and I hope, definitely not my last.

So I want to start my review saying thanks to The Opera House team for this opportunity, and for being absolutely incredible with me. Well me and the rest of the photographers!

Having said this let’s start talking about Iggy Pop. Before the show started, I was thinking about the best way to write this review. If you are waiting for the set list, a description song by song etc. you are completely wrong – this is not gonna be this kind of review. I guess you already know but, we are talking about Iggy Pop here!

Yes! the same Iggy Pop who was with Bowie, Lou Reed etc. etc. The same guy who spent night after night at the CBGB in NY when what we all know as “punk” was born and it was really PUNK. Something underground, dirty, raw and dangerous. That is the main reason I decided not to use my phone to take a few snaps, or even take notes as I saw people doing the other night. I didn’t want to miss anything and I decided to do it old school.

My plan was pretty basic. Go there, take a few pictures during the first two songs when I was allowed to do it (as a photographer) and then, forget about anything else and enjoy the show. A sold out Opera House was waiting for a 72 year old Iggy Pop. He hit the stage in a leopard jacket and before finishing the first song he was already without it letting us see the classic image of him dancing topless. His voice is in perfect condition and to be honest, after a whole life of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll I can say he is in good shape, really good shape.

He is traveling with an extraordinary band but no offense, the show is him and he knows it. The whole show was a journey through his well-known songs, well not all of them because that would be endless. Twenty-one songs and a few covers to make us dream and enjoy as you can only do with a living legend like Iggy Pop.

I saw fans crying, dancing, singing, of course! a girl throwing her underwear to the stage and dancing after that topless, like him. A bunch of fans from the first row had the opportunity to jump on the stage and share a few minutes there with him and the band. And after all the lights, hits, and all the emotions the show finished.

During the whole show Iggy Pop let us know how happy he was and how grateful he felt trying to give back all the love he was receiving from us. It was an unforgettable night and for almost two hours we all went back to that time when we were young, and we didn’t have think about the future.

Enjoy some pictures of the show below: