Cirque Du Soleil’s Toruk: The First Flight Review

Every time Cirque Du Soleil tours Australia, expectations are huge, as the world’s most famous circus keeps reinventing itself with new stunts and themes.

This year Cirque Du Soleil has taken on its most challenging show yet, as their new show Toruk: The first flight is based on the Universe created by James Cameron in the blockbuster hit Avatar, a colourful world almost entire generated by computers, and almost impossible to emulate in reality, but not for Cirque Du Soleil, who came up with a fresh concept with impressive props and virtual scenery by using projectors that take viewers to the fairest corners of Pandora.

The show is superbly crafted, with tons of props in motion, including flowers, magical creatures, lava explosions and water among others. There is a lot going on, and no matter where you are sitting there will be always something to look at.

Toruk, might be a bit of a disappointment at some stage, as this performance is more like a play, with a simple story and just short acrobatic performances in between. Moreover, viewers unaware of Avatar might not understand half of the story, as all its narrated quite quick. Speaking about the narrator, he is perhaps the most unnecessary character of the story, as he stands around the stage, coming out in between acts, interrupting the performance, and even blocking the public’s view as he stands close to the first 5 rows.

Overall, Toruk is visually stunning, it feels like watching Avatar in real time. However, don’t expect many acrobatics or classic circus stunts, as this new show is more like a play and moves away of the Cirque Du Soleil we are used to. Still impressive and full of magic! A MUST SEE!