Callan McAuliffe talks about ‘Gatsby’ – Interview at the Jameson If Awards

Another very especial star walking the green carpet at the Jameson If Awards in Sydney was the growing Australian star Callan McAuliffe, who had his first hollywood hit working in ‘I am Number Four’ and now playing the role as the young Jay Gatsby in Baz Luhrmann’sGatsby

SR. Hi Callan, nice to meet you…before enter to the obvious question about Gatsby, do you have any favourites to win tonight?

CM. Hi guys, great to meet you too…Personally I hope ‘Legend of the Guardians’ win something, because I’m in love with the animation, I think is just amazing, so i really hope they win something.

SR. Well, now let’s go to the obvious: Gatsby…how is to be involved in a project as big as this one under the direction of Baz Luhrmann and with a cast including Leo Dicaprio, Joel Edgerton and Tobey Maguire?

CM. For me, I`m happy to work with anybody with talent no matter the project. However, work with Baz, Leo, Tobey, etc all of them have been great to me…is a big deal and is great to be part of this project to be honest.

SR. What can you tell us about your character in the film as the young Gatsby?

CM. I play the young Leo, the young Gatsby and is a very interesting thing to do…especially because i don`t have any scenes with Leo which is a bit of paradox and I`m really looking forward to see the final product of the film.

SR. How did you prepare yourself for your role in Gatsby, did you watch Robert Redford’s version of the film?

CM. Actually, I haven’t seen it..I did rid the book as I was forced to read it at school, but apart of that all has been based on the script and what the director and says.